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‘You’re too late!’ rage Dragons’ Den viewers as they sink claws into ‘dull’ food company – but owner has the last laugh

DRAGONS’ Den viewers had a big complaint about one food entrepreneur’s ‘boring’ pitch on the latest episode. 

Amelia, the founder of Bold Beans, was eager for the Dragons to sample her scrumptious products and invest in her pulses brand.

BBCDragons Den viewers had a big complaint about one food entrepreneur’s ‘boring’ bean pitch[/caption]

BBCAmelia, the founder of Bold Bean’s, was eager for the Dragons to sample her scrumptious products[/caption]

On the latest instalment (March 21) of the BBC One show, Dragons’ Den welcomed an entrepreneur pitching a flavoured bean business – but unfortunately her pitch fell flat with viewers.

Before she faced Dragons Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones, Sara Davies, Steven Bartlett, and Touker Suleyman, Londoner Amelia Christie-Miller told viewers that she was “here to show you that the food you have so long neglected can be exceptionally delicious.”

However, even though the budding entrepreneur admitted she loved Deborah as she shared many of the company’s values, she revealed that she would “take any of them” as an investor.

In 2021, Amelia created her company, Bold Bean Co. and sought £50,000 for 2.5% of the company.

During the episode, the young businesswoman gave them a sample of a supermarket brand to taste alongside her product to ensure that the Dragons fully understood what made her product special.

She also brought along a cookbook she has penned to demonstrate the possibilities for using the beans in recipes.

Her favoured Dragon, Deborah, admitted that she eats a lot of beans and pulses since she is plant-based, but she doesn’t usually enjoy them. 

However, the 65-year-old questioned Amelia at length about her product and was seemingly interested in putting down an investment offer. 

Although Steven agreed that her beans were better than the supermarket ones, he didn’t make an offer.

Peter and Sarah also both declined to invest in the company.

Touker wasn’t happy with the percentage on offer and said he could give her the money for 20% of the company.

Following Touker’s offer Deborah interrupted and said: “This a growing category without a doubt… so I’m going to make you an offer. 

“I will offer you all the money, and I want seven and a half per cent of the business.” A delighted Amelia gleefully accepted and left the den smiling.

However on social media, viewers were unimpressed with her pitch, pointing out on X (formerly Twitter) that a well-known company already makes the nation’s most popular beans. 

One user simply stated: “Umm, Heinz #DragonsDen.”

Another added: “Heinz is the brand that has already made us love beans. Heinz beat you to it, love #dragonsden.”

Dragons’ Den stars – past and present

Dragons’ Den has been on our screens since 2005 and sees entrepreneurs enter the Den to try and win investment for their businesses from the Dragons.

Over the years there have been many wealthy investors sitting in the famous seats, here’s a rundown of them all and how long they were on the show for.

Peter Jones – series 1 – present
Deborah Meaden – series 3 – present
Touker Suleyman – series 13 – present
Sara Davies – series 17 – present
Steven Bartlett – series 19 – present
Duncan Bannatyne – series 1 – 12
Rachel Elnaugh – series 1 and 2
Doug Richard – series 1 and 2
Simon Woodroffe – series 1
Theo Paphitis – series 2 -10
Richard Farleigh – series 3 and 4
James Caan – series 5-8
Hilary Devey – series 9 and 10
Kelly Hoppen – series 11 and 12
Piers Linney – series 11 and 12
Nick Jenkins – series 13 and 14
Sarah Willingham – series 13 and 14
Jenny Campbell – series 15 and 16
Tej Lalvani – series 15 – 18
Emma Grede and Gary Neville were guest Dragons during series 21.

A third commented: “Mate, Heinz is the brand that makes us love beans. And now we’re growing the product in England… You’re too late. #DragonsDen.”

Other Dragons’ Dens fans asked Amelia to stop using the word “beans.” 

However, another viewer asked: “Why would we buy expensive flavoured butter beans rather than get a cheap tin and flavour them ourselves? If she said it was convenience food, it would be more honest #DragonsDen.”

Elsewhere on Dragons’ Den, BBC viewers were obsessed with a life-changing “futurist” shower, saying they would buy it immediately. 

However, as impressive as the idea was, the Dragons spotted a significant problem.

Dragon’s Den is on BBC One on Thursday nights at 8pm.

BBCSteven Barlett and Peter Jones rejected the pitch[/caption]

BBCDeborah Meaden made an offer that was gratefuly accepted[/caption]



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