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Why Bayern Munich fans are banned from attending Arsenal Champions League quarter-final clash at Emirates

The ban on Bayern away fans has been imposed by UEFA. It stems from an incident during Bayern Munich’s 3-0 victory over Lazio in the last-16 of the Champions League, where the German club’s supporters were found to have thrown fireworks onto the pitch. This behaviour violated UEFA’s regulations and resulted in a one-match ban on away fans for Bayern. The Bavarians have accepted UEFA’s punishment and will not appeal the decision.


Following UEFA’s ruling, Bayern CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen said: “We have to accept this punishment. Not only were pyrotechnics set off, but also fired deliberately onto the field, directly endangering bystanders. This was such an explicit violation of the conditions of probation that an appeal is unfortunately futile. The fact we now have to play away without the support of our fans is a big blow. A small group of individual offenders have done a disservice to all our supporters and the team.”

No Bayern Munich fans will attend the Champions League quarter-final first leg with Arsenal

This is not the first time Bayern Munich has faced disciplinary action from UEFA due to the behaviour of their supporters. Earlier in the competition, Bayern fans set off fireworks during their group stage match against Copenhagen, leading to a fine of €40,000 (£34,190) and a ban on away supporters.

Arsenal have lost 5-1 in their last three matches against Bayern Munich – all of them during the Arsene Wenger era.

The ban on Bayern Munich fans presents an advantage for Arsenal, as they will have the opportunity to sell the entire 60,000 tickets to their supporters. The first leg will be played in London on April 8, whereas, the decisive second leg will be held in Munich a week later on April 15.

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