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Who is Coronation Street star Ellie Leach and how old is she?

ELLIE Leach is best known for her role in Coronation Street and strutting her stuff on the Strictly Come Dancing dance floor en route to lifting the Glitterball Trophy.

Here’s everything you need to know about the multi-talented star.

Strictly Come Dancing 2023 star Ellie Leach is an English actress

Who is Ellie Leach?

Ellie Leach, born March 15, 2001, in Bury, Manchester, is an English actress and one of the famous faces who starred in the 2023 series of Strictly Come Dancing.

As an actress, Ellie is best known for her time on the iconic ITV soap Coronation Street — and it was during her time there that the TV star was nominated for a number of British Soap Awards.

Prior to landing a role on the soap, the actress began her television career appearing on a number of commercials for brands such as Staples.

She also starred in the film A Boy Called Dad, as well as the TV show Moving On.

Who did Ellie Leach play on Coronation Street?

Ellie is best known for her portrayal of Faye Windass on Coronation Street.

She first joined the cobbles back in 2011 and saw her Corrie character tackle some gritty storylines, including teen pregnancy, early menopause and even sentenced to prison for attacking a neighbour.

Speaking about the soap in early 2023, Ellie said: “I have been in Coronation Street for twelve years but it literally feels like I started yesterday.

“That’s over half my life! It’s mental. Faye has been through a lot.”

Why did Ellie Leach leave Coronation Street?

Sadly for fans of the soap, in April 2023 The Sun exclusively revealed that Ellie was leaving the cobbles after 12 years.

An insider told The Sun: “Ellie’s been on the soap since she was 10 years old so it’s all she’s known, she sees the cast like an extension of her family.

“She’s sad to be leaving, but grateful that her character won’t be killed off.

“She’s going to have a go at trying other acting roles for a bit.”

When the star left the soap, fans felt her final storyline was “rushed.”

Ellie’s time on the soap came to an end when her character left Weatherfield in a packed vehicle with ex-boyfriend Jackson and their daughter Miley.

She took to Coronation Street’s Instagram account for a sweet farewell video.

She told the camera: “Just want to say a massive, massive thank you to everyone who has watched Corrie over the past 12 years and supported me.

“And also to my Corrie family, I am going to miss you all so much.

“And yeah just thank you so much to everyone who has always said nice words and really supported me.”

A montage then followed of her Corrie best bits.

Following the news of her soap exit, Ellie was joined by a host of Corrie stars, including on-screen love interests Craig Tinker, played by Colson Smith and Jackson Hodge, portrayed by actor Joseph Evans at her leaving do.

You represent Strictly. You are the diamond, you are shining

Vito Coppola on Ellie LeachStrictly Come Dancing

Is Ellie Leach married?

As of March 2024, Ellie is not married.

In May 2023, She split up with her long-term boyfriend Reagan Pettman.

A source said: “Ellie has the world at her feet after stepping away from Corrie and she has taken time to reflect on which direction her life is going in.

“Ellie and Reagan decided to call things a day and she is making the most of her single status.”

Since her Strictly stint, Ellie and professional dance partner Vito have had tongues wagging with their growing closeness.

However, in December 2023, the dancer revealed the real reason any romance has been put on ice.

Asked about their chemistry, he said: “We have so many things to think about, you know, and choreography, and lift up and down, left, right, diagonal.

“And after we finish, we have the time to eat fast. We nap a little bit because we need to take the energy to continue.

“After we go home, we make sure we go to sleep the next day we have to go again.

“So we really are so focused on all this beautiful experience.

“We just had a very great connection, a 50/50 partnership since the beginning.”

Ellie said: “I think that, obviously, we’ve danced together for how many weeks now? It’s been three months we’ve been together every single day.

“And you really have to have a strong partnership to be able to trust in each other.”

After the Strictly series ended in December 2023, Ellie and co-star Bobby Brazier became involved in a whirlwind romance.

In January 2024, The Sun exclusively revealed how Bobby and Ellie had grown close during the Strictly 2024 tour.

An insider told The Sun: “Bobby and Ellie are the talk of the tour.

“Their friendship has grown and grown, and they’ve been spending nearly all their free time together before and after performances. They’ve been having their meals together, and flirting increasingly openly.

“The chat on tour is they may have enjoyed a cheeky snog, and will go public with their romance any week now.

“They’re both hugely popular characters, and make a really cute couple.

“There are also endless commercial opportunities for them as a pair because they are both hugely in demand, with the world at their young feet. Everyone is very excited about this hot new pairing.”

But in March 2024, their relationship came to an end, with a TV insider saying: “Love blossomed between them when they were in close quarters on the tour, but once that ended they both spent much less time together.

“That gave them space to think about the future, which is likely to take them in very different directions over the coming year or two.

“So they decided the best thing to do was quit while they were ahead and while they were still pals, because they both really cherish the friendship they have.”

How did Ellie Leach perform during Strictly Come Dancing?

Ellie has enjoyed Strictly success, with the former Coronation Street star winning the show’s grand finale ahead of co-stars Layton Williams, and Bobby Brazier.

Speaking ahead of the final she said: “Honestly, I feel so so lucky to be in the final, everyone in this competition has been so amazing.

“I’m doing it for the girls! The last woman standing!

“I just loved everything about this experience. I just feel really, really grateful to be here.”

She added: “I was so nervous at the start. I was like, ‘look, I’m really sorry. There’s gonna be things that I don’t know if I can do’, and I was really, really scared.

“I’ve never had any dance experience. I actually cannot believe that we are in the final, and also how quick the time has gone.

“It feels like Christmas Eve every night, like you’re excited to wake up Christmas Day.”

After her name was announced as the winner, Ellie told hosts Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly: “I actually genuinely cannot believe this.”

Turning to her professional partner Vito Coppola, who was in tears, she said: “For once you’re crying more than me, this is for you.”

He responded: “I mean this is like the cherry on the cake, all the bruises and blisters, you have been so amazing, you are Strictly.

“You represent Strictly. You are the diamond, you are shining.”



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