‘Which camera am I on?!’ barks Sky News presenter in baffling live TV blunder – leaving guests wincing


A SKY News presenter was left yelling in disarray after she appeared to be completely unaware of what was happening on her own show.

The moment led to awkward viewing as her day’s guests grinned through gritted teeth as the star made the faux pas.

Sky NewsBeth Rigby was left shouting out at the camera in a cringe on-air moment[/caption]

© Sky / Ali Painter 17th November 2016The star is a leading presenter with Sky News[/caption]

Sky NewsHer guests did not know where to look as Beth sent the show into disarray[/caption]

Beth Rigby, a leading presenter with Sky, appeared to lose her usual composure and professionalism as she shouted out for direction on where to look.

On her programme, Politics Hub, she was attempting to throw to an advert break as the chaos quickly ensured.

Amid a fiery debate, Beth was forced to step in as she attempted to take control of the situation,

She told her guests: “I don’t want to break it up but I’ve got to go to a break.”

The star, dressed in a ruffled white top, then appeared to look around the studio for guidance as she did not know quite where to look or what to do next.

Beth then loudly barked: “Which camera am I on?”

The TV presenter gestured with her hands as she continued to look bewildered as her guests remained in a pained silence.

As seconds went by, the camera began to pan out with Beth still no closer to locating it.

She could be heard muttering: “Okay,” as the show remained jolted.

The show then quickly cut away from Beth as she made even more errors.

She went on to tell viewers what was coming up “on the break” as well as seemingly forgetting the name of the show by referring to it as “politics”.

Beth said: “Coming up on the break, you’re watching politics.”

One fan was left quipping of the excruciating moment: “Can someone let Beth Rigby know what camera she’s looking at?”

Beth has worked at Sky since 2016 and has been its political editor since 2019.

She usually hosts her own show titled Beth Rigby Interviews but she has been filling in for Sophy Ridge on Politics Hub amid her current absence.