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What is Bold Bean Co and who is Amelia Christie&Miller?

AMELIA Christie-Miller is quite the entrepreneur and is at the helm of Bold Bean Co.

She’s set to take her business to the next level as she tries to secure an investment from Dragons’ Den.

Instagram / @ameliachristiemillerAmelia is the CEO of the Bold Bean Co[/caption]

What is Bold Bean Co?

Bold Bean Co is a business that specialises in selling all types of beans for cooking purposes.

The company is made up of eight people, according to their website and is ran by CEO Amelia Christie-Miller.

Multiple varieties of beans are available to purchase – with a cook book being sold too to inspire your recipes.

Amelia first fell in love with all things legumes in 2014 and in 2020 the idea for Bold Bean Co was born.

Who is Amelia Christie-Miller?

Amelia is the CEO of the Bold Bean Co.

A section of the company website explains that she “started her life hating beans”.

It says: “Amelia, founder of Bold Bean Co, started her life hating beans. She thought they were dull and tasteless.

“That is, until one fateful hangover in Spain, staring into an empty fridge for ANYTHING to eat, forced her hand.

“A jar of heirloom butter beans was all she had. So she spooned one straight from the jar. Her opinion changed on the spot.

“She found herself closing her eyes, totally immersing herself in that moment.

“Tasting a truly delicious, melt-in-the-mouth bean.

“Turns out Amelia’s issue was never with beans as a food group – it was with the uninspiring tins, perpetually lingering at the back of the cupboard. From that moment on Amelia was hooked.”

Bold Bean Co officially started up in 2021 after Amelia did a lot of research into what the public would want.

The website explains: “Amelia creates Bold Bean Co after searching high and low for the tastiest bean varieties, cooked and seasoned to perfection like PROPER CHEFS do.

“The mission is to make the world OBSESSED with beans by giving them the BEST of beans. And from the get-go, Amelia uses instagram to bounce ideas off our BEAN CHAMPS to help nail the branding.

“Bold Bean Co launches with Queen Butter Beans, Queen Chickpeas, Organic White Beans and Organic Chickpeas.

“It’s not long before we get our first listing in Planet Organic and 5 Great Taste Awards.”

Bold Bean Co is available to purchase in well-known stores such as Sainbury’s and Waitrose.

When is Bold Bean Co on Dragons’ Den?

Bold Bean Co is set to appear on Dragons’ Den on Thursday, March 21, 2024.

Amelia faces the Dragons to try and secure an investment, but the outcome of her time on the show is not yet known.

You can watch Bold Bean Co on BBC One from 8pm or can stream afterwards on iPlayer.



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