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What a fix!’ say Celebrity Big Brother fans as AJ Odudu and Will Best reveal show winner

CELEBRITY Big Brother fans were left utterly enrages as AJ Odudu and Will Best reveal show winner.

Ibiza Weekender star David Potts was crowned as the winner of the first famous instalment of the ITV rebooted social experiment.

ITVDavid Potts was crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother[/caption]

ITVHe beat out the likes of Strictly Come Dancing professional Nikita Kuzmin[/caption]

Strictly Come Dancing star Nikita Kuzmin came in second place as he lost out to the ITV2 personality.

But fans simply could not believe the result as they took to social media in their droves as they labelled the show as a ‘fix’.

Reacting to the reality star’s win, one fan remarked on X – formerly known as Twitter: “Who didn’t see that coming? David had the most airtime, he was picked for all the secret tasks. Total fix #CBBUK.”

A second enquired: “How t* did he end up 2nd when he brought nothing to the series? Of course, it’s a fix. #CBBUK #BBUK.”

Meanwhile, TV presenter Fern Britton was the first star to be evicted in the live final, followed by Louis Walsh.

Louis led as bookies’ favourite throughout the series but left the house in fourth place.

Nikita said: “I said to myself, one thing is that I’m going to just be Nikita the way my mum would be proud of me and it’s very reassuring that people just liked me for me.

“I didn’t expect to actually meet such fun people.

“And I will bring it with me for my whole life – the biggest of the joys, it’s one of the coolest things I’ve done in my life and I’ll cherish it forever.”

Louis, who shocked with his tales on celebs like Simon Cowell and Ronan Keating, said: “One or two times I wanted to leave but we had great fun.

“I hope nobody heard my little chats because we were no holds barred!

“I came in here not knowing what to expect, but wow, it’s been a learning experience for me.

“I’ll be remembered as the Irish one who was a bit wild and wacky, who had an opinion on everyone and I’ll never forget it.”

Fans simply could not believe that the former X Factor star came in fourth place, as he received less votes than Coronation Street star Colson.

One fan fumed: “Wtf Louie now I know its fixed #cbbuk @CBBUK.”

Someone else raged: “Colson … COLSON… beating Louis Walsh, who’s single-handedly made this series what it was #CBBUK.”

“You’re telling me boring Colson and Nikita beat LOUIS! He provided the entire entertainment this series!” said a third.

Whilst a fourth asked: “Who is voting for Nikita & Colson? The two most boring housemates this series. #CBBUK #BBUK.”

Meanwhile, a fifth stated: “As if Nikita and Colsen got more votes than Louis



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