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‘We’re sick of drunken poshos,’ say furious neighbours locked in bitter row over TikTok&famous pub loved by celebs

NEIGHBOURS of a TikTok-famed pub which attracts “out of hand” crowds say they are struggling to cope.

Droves of “posh” drunks, hen parties and screeching teens flock to The Pelican in Notting Hill, West London, up to three times a week.

Peter JordanThe Pelican pub in Notting Hill has been drawing huge crowds since it opened[/caption]

Dua Lipa is said to be a big fan of the West London boozerThe Mega Agency

After years of sleepless nights, 1am bottle collections and anti-social behaviour, the town hall smacked a raft of restrictions on the boozer – which the owners are appealing.

One livid resident told The Sun: “It’s the drunken high pitched laughter from the women.

“Then you got all the poshos coming up from Fulham in their Ubers to drink there with their ‘mates’.

How to complain about a neighbour to the council

If you have tried and failed to resolve your neighbourly issue by talking to your neighbour you can approach your local council.

Your local council can step in if the dispute involves any activity that is a nuisance or could damage your health.

To complain all you need to do is contact your local council, many have a specialist team to deal with disputes of this nature.

One of the most common neighbourly issues is excessive or unreasonable noise levels.

This can also cover artificial light or a build up of rubbish that could possibly cause harm.

What is classed as unreasonable noise from neighbours?

It is hard to define unreasonable noise as this differs from person to person.

Generally if the noise is loud and occurs often – especially at night – it can be considered unreasonable.

Pets that bark or squawk loudly and constantly can fall under this but a new-born baby crying is unlikely to be classed as a statutory nuisance.

A statutory nuisance is a legal term and covers significant or unreasonable noise which stops you enjoying your property.

The council can issue a noise abatement order if they believe the noise levels to be unreasonable.

This means your noisy neighbour must stop making the noise or face legal action.

Breaking the abatement order can result in fines up to £5,000 or up to £20,000 for a factory or business.

“I haven’t seen any fights, they’re too posh to fight, they just hit each other with their iPhones.

“You had all the glass collection the whole time, it was at 1am, clank clank clank the whole time.

“We got an invite to the pub for a special party for residents. It was like one bottle of wine. All I got was water.

“Then for 45-50 minutes, the swarmy arrogant c**t that owns the place talked about himself.

“He asked us to help get him planning permission. It was all me, me, me.

“This is what you can do for me. I walked out and thought ‘f**k you people’.

“A neighbours newsletter then went out, everybody said ‘f**k you’, we are not going to that.

“The louder the noise, the more money those c***s are making. So f**k you.”

The pub – adored by Dua Lipa and Princess Eugenie – exploded in popularity in 2021 when new owners refit and rebranded it.

It earned a listing on the Michelin guide before going viral on TikTok.

But problems began, including overcrowding which terrified elderly locals and forced on long detours to get to their front doors.

While noise, anti-social behaviour and urinating in neighbouring Tavistock Gardens saw an exasperated nine residents rise up.

They forced Kensington and Chelsea Council bring in restrictions which include banning customers from drinking and eating outside after 9pm and restricting delivery times.

It also boosted the number of bouncers on the door at weekends.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights a street warden wearing a high visibility jacket has to patrol surrounding roads between 10pm and 12.30am until all customers have left the area.

I haven’t seen any fights, they’re too posh to fight, they just hit each other with their iPhones.

One livid resident

One resident of 22-years who lives in the All Saints housing association block opposite told The Sun: “The popularity was so ridiculous at one point, people were queuing in the street to get into the pub to get a pint of beer.

“We had people that could not get into the pub because it was so busy, so they’d bring their own drinks and sit in front of it.

“The pub will say they have nothing to do with that, but they do!

“People want to be seen there. It’s that bizarre desire to hang around the pub.

“They used to pay the council to pick up the rubbish at 1am. That was just crazy. But that’s ended now.

“It’s your home, I have nothing against the pub, but they’ve got to somehow keep it together.”

Another resident of 12-years added: “The whole pavement outside the pub is normally packed.

“It shocks me. Who wants a cold beer when it’s p**sing down with rain? From Thursday evening onwards, it’s just packed.”

Bins were later installed by the council “specifically” for the pub which they fill with food waste.

But when The Sun visited on Thursday, these were spewing out rotting fluid onto the street and attracting rats.

Not all residents are upset, one older lady living opposite says she doesn’t care about the crowds and likes to see people having fun.

The woman, who has lived in the apartment since 1976, said: “I just turn my TV up higher! It’s people enjoying themselves.”

She said the restrictions smacked on the pub are “too much” arguing it’s impossible to run a business with such stringent measures in place.

The Pelican’s owners have launched a legal challenge over the harsher measures.

Their appeal is due to be heard in a three day hearing at Westminster magistrates’ court in July.

The pub was approached for comment.

Kensington and Chelsea council were approached for comment.

Peter JordanThe pub has been a big success since it underwent a refit and rebrand in 2021[/caption]



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