We’re disgusted after metal cages were put on school toilets to stop our kids using them – it’s harming their education


PARENTS have been left disgusted after metal cages were put on the toilets of their children’s school.

Pupils have reportedly been stopped from accessing the loos during lesson times and must be supervised at all times if they desperately need to, claims a granddad.

BPMParents are outraged after a school put metal cages up to stop kids going to the toilet[/caption]

Foxford Community School in Coventry implemented the changes this monthBPM

Secondary school, Foxford Community, in Coventry, implemented the new system this month in a bid to keep kids in classes for the full hour.

But parents and guardians are outraged at the “controlling” decision – as they believe it is harming their education.

Ian, 54, who has six grandchildren at Foxford, has slammed the school.

He told CoventryLive: “Foxford has for a while kept the toilet doors locked, preventing the kids from using the toilets.

“And now they have fitted locked cage doors to prevent the kids from even getting near the toilet.

“Kids are only allowed to go to the toilet under supervision which is totally wrong.

“It is taking away the freedom of being able to use the toilet as and when you need it.”

Foxford Community School said they had no choice but to introduce the “metal doors” because they were having issues with students in the toilets.

Ian said he understands the school has been dealing with toilet issues – but the “cages are going too far”.

The doting grandfather said his loved ones now feel “locked up” and hate the environment they’re having to learn in.

A spokesperson for Foxford said: “We have recently installed metal doors to two toilet areas, these are not cages and the doors are unlocked before and after school, as well as at break and lunchtimes.”

It comes after Seahaven Academy in Newhaven, East Sussex, introduced shutters on their pupil’s toilets.

Horrified parents banded together to create a petition to remove the barriers.

They felt the new system was a health hazard for pupils and needed to be removed.

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