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We’re all sick to death of Tom King on Emmerdale – here’s how soap bosses should get rid of him once and for all

TOM King has been tormenting his wife Belle Dingle with mind games involving gaslighting, intimidation and manipulation.

As concern mounts for Belle, I can’t help but feel she – and the entire village, would be better off if Tom were to take a one-way trip out of the dales.

ITVTom King is trying to control his new bride, Belle[/caption]

ITVHe was keen to rush into lifelong commitment, which left viewers fearful for Belle[/caption]

ITVViewers are hopeful that the Dingles will take action to save her[/caption]

It only seems fair that the punishment should fit the crime – so here are the most fitting ways Tom could get his comeuppance and leave Emmerdale for good.

1. Family revenge

The son of legendary Dales villain Carl King rekindled his romance with Belle after a decade-long absence as he lived in Saudi Arabia with his mother Colleen and sister Anya.

As he was reunited with her, Tom (portrayed by James Chase) quickly made it clear to Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) that he was keen to commit to her, which ITV viewers saw as a red flag.

Unfortunately, Belle has been wearing rose-tinted glasses and, unable to see how problematic Tom’s behaviour really is, his attitude has become a well-guarded secret as a harrowing coercive control storyline takes shape.

While she may have believed their nuptials could have left them on the right track, Tom’s controlling tendencies have only escalated and will seemingly continue to do so as he is set to spy on her, as teased by next week’s spoilers.

Fans of the Yorkshire-based program have grown increasingly furious as Belle continues to be tormented and they have demanded bosses to give Tom the boot soon.

But while he continues to psychologically abuse his wife, Tom seems to forget the Dingle family code – and he could be given a fresh reminder.

As viewers ask for Tom to face comeuppance, many of them turned to social media to share their thoughts about his potential exit and, according to them, the Dingles should be the ones to run to Belle’s rescue.

Due to his reputation and habit of getting embroiled in explosive feuds, Emmerdale tough man Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) should be on the front line to save his sister.

“The sooner the Dingles discover Tom’s treatment of Belle the better”, one soap watcher commented on social media.

“I can’t wait till Cain finds out about Tom’s abuse of Belle down the line of the storyline”, another agreed before adding: “Hope Cain buries him and puts concrete in the hole the b*****d.”

A third viewer had another, more drastic idea: “Can’t someone drop a big f*** off grand piano on Tom’s head?”

But what if other villagers took a stand for Belle?

ITVCould Suzy see right through Tom King?[/caption]

2. Allies take charge

As she continues to protect her husband from consequences, Belle may have forgotten that she can count on multiple residents of the eponymous village.

In recent scenes of the long-running program, Tom has tried to target Belle’s career as she took on a new job opportunity with Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough).

Tom has been keen to drag Belle away from those closest to her as he’s hellbent on becoming the centre of her world and turning her into a dutiful housewife and mother.

But could the wedding and event planner, a neutral bystander, see right through Tom?

One could then suggest that, if so, Suzy may alert both Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley), who has always been close to Belle, and Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter).

Chas could be the ultimate ally for Belle as she knows all too well how dangerous men of the King family can be due to her romantic past with Tom’s father Carl.

ITVA drained and abused Belle could snap and commit a huge crime to save her own life[/caption]

3. Belle strikes back

But what if Belle was capable of standing up for herself?

Rival ITV soap Coronation Street offered their own hard-hitting storyline about coercive control and mental abuse with the help of Yasmeen Nazir and Geoff Metcalfe, played by Ian Bartholomew.

The plot reached horrific heights as a drained and vulnerable Yasmeen (Shelley King) stabbed her bully of a husband with a broken bottle.

Yasmeen stood trial for attempted murder as Geoff survived the attack and eventually came to terms with the fact she had been in love with a total stranger.

Could the same happen to Belle?

The fan favourite has shown off her violent streak in 2014, when she pushed her frenemy Gemma Andrews, resulting in her hitting her head on a rock and succumbing to her injuries later on in hospital.

Belle’s gesture was in the heat of the moment as both her and Gemma argued over Sean Spencer – what will she be capable of if her life is threatened by Tom?

Could Tom’s abuse take such a toll on Belle’s mental health she snaps and kills him?

Could she then cover up her crime with the help of other villagers?

The ordeal could then leave viewers with a fresh storyline centred around a victim’s recovery after a controlling relationship, which can often be just as daunting as the partnership itself.


Everything you need to know about Emmerdale

ITVWill Vinny and Belle ever get together?[/caption]

4. Shocking affair

Before Belle reconnected with Tom and walked down the aisle with him, Emmerdale viewers firmly believed she was set to embark on a romance with another well-known villager.

At the time, Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) seemed like the perfect match for Belle as the pair had multiple heart-warming exchanges.

But with the emotional weight of his wife’s sudden death, Vinny didn’t make a single move on Belle, which ultimately led her straight into Tom’s arms.

Less than two years have gone by since Vinny bid a last farewell to the beloved Liv Flaherty – could he finally be ready to dive back into the dating pool?

One could speculate that he’d embark on an affair with Belle, as they are not blood-related, before eventually helping her get away from Tom in the same way he helped Liv get out of prison when she was accused of murdering Ben Tucker.

Vinny came close to death in 2021, as serial killer Meena Jutla kept in hostage in a barn with her sister Manpreet Sharma.

If the sinister nurse hasn’t been able to get rid of him, there’s little chance Tom will be able to but he could have a trick up his sleeve.

Could Vinny be the one to save Belle?

Could Belle follow in her ex Jamie Tate’s footsteps?ITV

5. Fake death plot

While violence may be the only option for Belle to stand a chance against Tom, she could still consider another strategy to get away from him.

Death is a common occurrence in the Dales, as noted by Kim and Jamie Tate, who have both been known to fool viewers and other villagers.

The pair of them faked their deaths on separate occasions and it could be another possible escape for Belle.

Regular Emmerdale viewers will recall that Belle was once romantically involved with Jamie Tate and while she may not already know that he is actually still alive, one could argue that she may find out the truth by accident before following in his footsteps.

But would she go through this plan alone?

Is there more to Colleen’s mysterious death?Rex

6. Justice gets served

Tom was first seen in Emmerdale in 2004, as his mother Colleen King announced to his father that she wanted a divorce.

The budding villain is not only known as the son of Carl and Colleen King, he is also a brother to Anya King, who is three years younger than him.

But when he returned to Emmerdale last year, he did so alone, and it was later revealed that his mother Colleen had passed away from a heart attack.

Viewers didn’t buy this version of events as they were instantly convinced that Tom was hiding something as he refused to tell Belle anything about his mother’s death until she confronted him with it.

They were therefore quick to believe he could have murdered Colleen himself shortly before his return to Emmerdale.

As the truth has yet to be established, one could suppose it’s only a matter of time before Tom’s possible involvement in Colleen’s demise is revealed.

This could then lead to him facing the music for Colleen’s death and being confirmed as a cold-blooded murderer.

Villains, as witnessed throughout the decades, often endure harsh consequences for their misdeeds, meaning that Tom could be thrown in prison for Colleen’s death and Belle’s abuse.

Another character could even come out of the woodwork to make Tom pay.

ITVTom is missing one important relative and they could turn their back on him[/caption]

7. Betrayed by a relative

Soap fans have been increasingly invested in Belle’s coercive control storyline but they may have forgotten that one question remains unanswered.

Where is Tom’s sister Anya?

Just like Tom, Anya was taken by Colleen to Saudi Arabia years ago and she was last seen in 2012, in the aftermath of Carl King’s murder.

Although it is assumed that she remains in Saudi Arabia, Anya’s true whereabouts and current life remain a mystery as she hasn’t even been mentioned by her brother.

The character remains silent, away from her own sibling and alone while she mourns for their mother – but could it be because she knows Tom murdered Colleen?

Anya is the only close relative Tom has, aside from his uncle Jimmy King (Nick Miles) and she could be the one to know all of his secrets.

Her arrival in the Dales may be a threat to Tom and we wouldn’t put it past soap bosses to bring her back for a shock reveal.

In this scenario, Anya could rock up Emmerdale in an attempt to find Tom before bumping into an overwhelmed, devastated and fatigued Belle.

This could then prompt Anya to help her by telling her everything she knows about Tom’s true nature.

In another twist, Anya could then help Belle get out of her brother’s clutches before sending him to prison for Colleen’s murder.

Whatever the case may be, viewers will have to wait before they see Tom get the punishment he deserves.

How will it all play out?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7:30pm on ITV.



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