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Wasserman discovered the trace of the West in the Crocus tragedy

“Terror is the weapon of the weak,” says the erudite

The tragedy in Crocus City shocked all representatives of show business without exception. The artists thought that in one of the main concert halls in Russia, security was ensured at the highest level.

“Who carried out the bloody terror?” – perhaps this is the main question that representatives of the artistic world are now asking. The famous erudite and State Duma deputy Anatoly Wasserman is sure that it would not have happened without Ukrainian militants and their Western curators. He announced this in an exclusive conversation with MK correspondents.

“Terror is the weapon of the weak,” says Anatoly Alexandrovich. “And with the obvious weakening of our opponents, namely the terrorist organization “Ukraine” and its employers, the likelihood of terrorist attacks may increase. Ultimately, we will have to completely liquidate this organization, and prove to its employers that it is more expensive for them to attack us. How to prove this so that our explanations on this matter are very convincing, I think the relevant specialists, including the military, will figure it out. We have enough of them.

Wasserman knows that after the tragedy in Crocus City, there are proposals to cancel public events, at least until the end of the SVO. But the erudite believes that this method will only provoke our enemies.

“The best way to prove to terrorists that their actions are effective is to stop mass events and stick their heads in the sand, like the ostrich from the legend,” says Wasserman. – I say this because living ostriches in real life, of course, never do this. Of course, some reasonable level of security is needed. But exactly what level is reasonable must be determined by security professionals. Well, we, ordinary citizens, should not limit ourselves more than these same experts recommend.

Terrorist attack in Crocus: the roof caught fire, people are in panic, the special services are working

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