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Ukraine is disappointed in American Abrams tanks

The Ukrainian publication NV published a story criticizing Abrams tanks

The Ukrainian publication criticized the American Abrams tanks, which were transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the authors of the publication, it is very difficult for American tanks to conduct combat operations in Ukraine. Even experts have very little information about any clashes involving these combat vehicles, and the Ukrainian military, having received these tanks, was in no hurry to use them.

“Complicated repairs and maintenance are key problems for the Ukrainian army. In the USA, there is an entire plant for the restoration of Abrams, where the damaged vehicle is completely disassembled and reassembled. The Ukrainian Armed Forces do not have such capabilities. Among other things, these combat vehicles have to be fed with tons of fuel,” notes

Ukrainian military expert Ivan Stupak added that Abrams are very fragile tanks with a completely different engine design. The Ukrainian military experienced problems with the chassis of these vehicles, which needed to be adapted to local conditions. In addition, the Ukrainian Armed Forces complained about weak armor protection.

“Before sending the Abrams to Ukraine, the Americans removed the armor elements with depleted uranium from them. They were afraid that the tank could be captured or shot down by the Russian military,” Stupak emphasized.

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