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Two arrested as Bayern Munich Academy Rwanda saga takes new twist

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) have confirmed that they have in custody two people on suspicion of charges connected to forging documents in an attempt to get ineligible football prospects land a place in the Bayern Munich Academy.

The suspects in question are football coach Leon Nisunzumuremyi and Arstide Karorero, the Data Manager of Kinyinya Sector. They are detained at Kimironko RIB station and are being investigated on charges of using forged documents, receiving bribery and unauthorized modification of computer or computer system data.

The duo’s arrest follows investigation conducted on recent cases reported in the media suggesting that some children were unfairly disqualified from the Bayern Munich Academy Rwanda over


A total of 43 football prospects were chosen on September 16 after an extensive nationwide talent search conducted by Rwanda’s football governing body (FERWAFA) and the Ministry of Sports. However, 20 of them were later disqualified after it was discovered that, upon rechecking their ages, some children had manipulated their birthdates with the assistance of their parents.

Nisunzumuremyi is the coach Cedric Iranzi and Joshua Muberwa, who were among children auditioned to join the Bayern Munich Academy in Rwanda.

The duo claimed in the media that they were rejected for selection as it was discovered that they their ages were fixed. They claimed that they were meeting age criteria required to join the academy.

But findings from a thorough investigation RIB conducted on the case indicated that Iranzi and Muberwa were born in 2009 and 2007 respectively as opposed to the documents presented during the auditions indicating that they were both born in 2011.

According to RIB Spokesperson Thierry B. Murangira, “investigation indicated that coach Nisunzumuremyi collaborated with Karorero to change the two young players’ age in their identification documents so they could be eligible to join the academy.”

It is alleged that Karorero received a bribe worth Rwf35,000 to change their identification records and indicated that they were born in 2011.

Nisunzumuremyi presented the falsified identification documents to the media in an attempt to put pressure on the FA and the Ministry of Sports so they could possibly revoke their decision dismiss the two children.

Murangira said that Iranzi’s father Bosco Munyansanga is also under investigation, but not in detention, on suspicion of being an accomplice.

Charges related to giving or receiving bribe could attract between five and seven years in prison and/or a fine ranging from three to five times the bribe given or received while unauthorized modification of computer or computer system data is liable to imprisonment of not less than one year but not more than two years and a fine between Rwf1,000,000 and Rwf2,000,000.

On the other hand, a conviction on forgery, falsification and use of forged documents could attract a jail term ranging from five to seven years, with a fine of up to Rwf5 million, or one of the two.

Meanwhile, Murangira said, “investigation is ongoing to find out if there are other people involved” in the same case has recently brought the attention of the media and the public alike over the past two weeks.

Murangira warned people against getting involved in corruption among other cases and encourage journalists to investigate and do research before reporting the news which tackles human interest.

“Like in other sectors, RIB won’t cease to keep a close eye on crimes happening in sports,” he said.

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