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Towie legend Jess Wright poses topless and she strips down for candid update about painful skin condition

JESS Wright posed topless as she shared a candid update about her painful skin condition.

The former Towie star, 38, has bravely opened up about the struggle of living with psoriasis, especially after having her first child in 2022.

InstagramJess Wright posed topless for a candid post about her psoriasis[/caption]

jesswright77/InstagramThe former Towie star has previously opened up about the painful condition[/caption]

TV favourite Jess posed in just a pair of grey shorts for a mirror selfie as she revealed some areas of discolouration on her arms and torso.

The mum-of-one wrote: “Skin update as you know it’s been a journey! I have really struggled with my psoriasis flare ups, especially since having Presley.

“So many of you have it too, or know someone who has. You are not alone! I have been changing certain parts of my diet & taking all the vitamins.

“After trying so many, I have also found a moisturiser that works really well for my skin and I am glad to say my psoriasis is now a lot better. I had to share it with you.”

Jess said she has tried various creams that have helped with sensitive skin and admitted it has helped with her symptoms.

She went on: “I genuinely love MooGoo products, they are designed with sensitive skin in mind and contain all natural ingredients and oils. I have seen a huge improvement in my redness and itching since using it.

“Psoriasis can be really tough to manage. Keep going, you will find something that works for you.”

The star previously opened up about her struggle with the recurring skin problem.

She told us: “It just makes you feel really crap.

“You just feel like you can’t, even like I want to wear something with my arms out but I don’t want to because I think it looks ugly.

“It’s really taking it’s toll mentally but you just have to try and have faith that eventually you can get to the bottom of it.”

The condition – which affects an estimated two per cent of people in the UK – causes, according to the NHS, red, flaky, crusty patches of skin covered with silvery scales.

Many have reached out to Jess to share their tips or to just send her the love.

She added: “I’ve had thousands of messages.

“I can’t even actually read them all because it takes forever, its really sweet that there are so many people out there that want to help and are in the same position.”

She previously asked her fans for help living with the skin condition.

The first three pictures showed how bad the condition is on her arms as she posed in the mirror of her bathroom. There were also visible patches on her legs and face.

In the caption the ITVBe star explained that the condition has got worse since becoming a mum, and pleaded for any tips on how to improve it.

Jess said: “A very different post to my last one… it’s taken me a while to get the courage to post this but ultimately, it is what it is.

“My psoriasis has taken a turn for the worse since having a baby & I wanted to share it for anyone else suffering with it, in the hope it might make you feel less alone with it / we may be able to help each other eventually with remedies.

“I spend my days covering up my arms, and now unfortunately my legs & face are pretty bad too & im bloody sick of it.

“I have tried so many things in the past but I feel like it’s auto immune so ultimately it’s what we put into our bodies.

“If anyone has a miracle cure please let me know. 

“Sending love to anyone else suffering a skin condition, especially new mums who have clearly been hit with it by the lack of sleep/stressful first few months.”

Jess welcomed her son Presley with her husband William Lee-Kemp in June.

She also revealed that she suffered with post-natal depression following the birth of her first child.

InstagramThe condition worsened after she welcomed her first child in 2022[/caption]



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