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To wet the toilet: three tasks for Russia after the terrorist attack in Crocus are named

Lessons from the main tragedy of the week

The first week of Lent was difficult. Unimaginably heavy. And, perhaps, a turning point in some way.

Ukrainian military bastards continued to torment Belgorod, bombarding civilians with multiple launch rocket system shells, including cassettes. Three to six times a day. There can be no talk of any strikes against our military targets here—this is a weapon of indiscriminate destruction. And the whole calculation is absolutely terrorist. Kill as many people as possible, sow fear and panic.

To kill as many people as possible – this was precisely the task set before the perpetrators of the monstrous terrorist attack in Crocus, by their own admission.

Everything is clear with the performers. These are “consumables”, “disposable items”. But equally from the contingent where it is easiest to recruit them. And the point here is not the migrants themselves. It’s stupid to blame a stump for being clumsy. The blood of the victims of the terrorist attack is also on the hands of those capitalists who, in the pursuit of profit, bring here crowds of “high-quality foreign workers” who do not speak Russian and have their own dense ideas about what is possible and what is not. In the hands of those officials and “public figures in the field of migration” who are lobbying (obviously, not for free) to turn Russia into a gateway, telling tales about the lack of labor, demography, and so on. Labor migration is a completely normal phenomenon, but only if strict order is established in this matter. It’s time to do this. And you need to start cleaning from the top.

There are no issues with customers either. This is the Kyiv regime. Now the question of its physical, total destruction is clearly a question of how many more civilians will die. There is only one way to stop an animal that has completely gone off the rails from cocaine. “To soak in the toilet.” There is no longer any “political expediency” and “legal niceties.” We’ve run out. They burned down at Crocus.

Of course, it’s more difficult with the organizers. But their ears stick out over Capitol Hill and Foggy Albion. The fire in Crocus was still burning, and the West was already declaring: definitely not Kyiv, definitely ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). Where does such knowledge come from? We don’t know who blew up the Nord Streams and we’ll close the investigation, but here everything is immediately known. Well, let’s remember Nuland on the Maidan in early February: “Thanks to our funding, Putin will soon face a number of unpleasant surprises.” Let’s remember the warning from the US and British embassies in early March, when diplomats recommended their citizens not to visit crowded places and concerts in Moscow. Or the shifting eyes of Secretary of State Blinken, when after the terrorist attack he said that it was just a warning, just in case, coincidentally, we don’t know anything.

The calculation was simple and subtle – to carry out an operation under a false flag in the interests of Kyiv’s ward, provoking Russia into an internal split along the lines of interethnic hatred. But the execution let us down – there were too many glaring inconsistencies. For example, the issue of “ISIS religious fanatics” could have been closed immediately after the appearance of a video where the perpetrators of the terrorist attack glorify Allah by raising the index finger of their left hand. This is so unnatural for a Muslim that there is nothing to even compare it with. Although. Can you imagine an Orthodox priest holding a cross upside down? That’s it. Not to mention the fact that none of the performers intended to become “martyrs” of the “holy jihad”. They wanted to “live high” on this earth, and not in paradise with the houris.

The West is doing its best to excuse itself for one simple reason. The Ukrainian trail turned out to be more than just bold. It is so obvious that no investigation is needed. So what, it turns out that the “civilized world” supports mass murderers? This was clear before, but it’s time for international relations to constantly rub their nose into it. So that their citizens can see and understand who leads them.

But Russian liberals will no longer be able to get away with it. All these scum with good faces signed that they are accomplices of terrorists who kill Russian people. A few days before the terrorist attack, all these foreign agents Gelmans (gallery owner, yeah), Chirikovs (Khimki forest, of course) and other “moral tuning forks” signed a memorandum in support of the “Free Russia” legion banned in our country – those who killed the inhabitants of our border region. And the banned and recognized terrorist RDK ran to justify itself (this terrorist attack is definitely not us) to the European wall newspaper of the Nobel laureate foreign agent Muratov. The connection is a watertight affair. The resource of another foreign agent, “human rights activist” Osechkin, is already lamenting that the detained terrorists were interrogated without a lawyer and physical violence was used against them. (You should start carrying parcels for them. You have experience. They were worn by the organizers of the terrorist attack in the St. Petersburg metro.) Liberal hands are now up to their elbows in Russian blood.

Against the backdrop of the horror that was happening, it suddenly became clear how our country had changed during the Great Patriotic War. This includes huge queues for blood donation. And business behavior that was unthinkable just recently, without orders from above: free taxis for victims, free refueling at gas stations for emergency vehicles, banks writing off loans for victims of a terrorist attack, free air tickets. These deeds already speak better than any words that we are together. This is a huge change, a turning point in the way of life.

Lent got off to a rough start. But it will end with Easter. The victory of life over death.

In Russia, a day of mourning for the dead Crocus: Moscow “dressed” in black, banners, screens

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Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 29242 dated March 25, 2024

Newspaper headline:
Soak in the toilet

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