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Three mums who went on shoplifting spree of over £1,300 dodge jail

THREE mums who went on a shoplifting spree of well over £1,300 have dodged jail.

The women used special bags that beat security tags to loot clothing, shoes and cosmetics in three hours.

CavendishPaige Griffin, above, dodged jail after going on shoplifting spree of well over £1,300 with Ann-Marie Beckett and Karen Beckett[/caption]

Paige Griffin, 28, Ann-Marie Beckett, 35, and Karen Beckett, 44, travelled from the West Midlands to raid four stores on Cheshire retail parks.

They stole £1,300 worth of gear from Next alone.

The trio, who have four kids between them, were nabbed by police after security staff passed on the registration number of their Nissan Qashqai.

The Becketts, of Walsall, and Griffin of Willenhall, admitted the November thefts to Crewe JPs.

The three, who all have previous convictions, got suspended jail terms and 25 days each of rehab.

Bench chairman Ian Williams said: “There are children and other problems involved.”

Williams added: “If you do not commit any further offences you will not go to prison.

“That responsibility is with yourself.”



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