‘They’re wasted!’ say Celebrity Big Brother fans as they claim housemate is ‘drunk’ after bosses send in loads of booze


CELEBRITY Big Brother fans are claiming a housemate was “drunk” in last night’s episode after a bizarre row.

Fern Britton and Nikita Kuzmin clashed in perhaps the most passive aggressive argument of the series.

Fern and Nikita appear to be locked in a bizarre feudEroteme

In fact it was so passive that Nikita had no idea what was going on, nor did many watching at home.

A compliment from Nikita about Fern’s jumper led to a strange exchange about age that left people scratching their heads.

One viewers asked on X: “Is fern drunk?”

Another posted: “Fern giving strong drunk mum vibes.”

A third said: “If Fern was so offended by Nikita’s comment she should have put the snake in his bed? Don’t give her anymore wine.”

A fourth shared: “Nikita: Are we having a beef? Yes, you are having a stripy top beef with a drunk lady, my iconic, beautiful boy.”

In her exchange with Nikita, Fern said: “You and I get on alright when we’re playing games. Can I tell you? How old are you now?”

After learning Nikita is 26, she said: “When you’re 66, you’ll have exactly the same brain, which is why you have to understand that I’ve still got a 26-year-old brain.”

Nikita admitted he was feeling confused by her reflective comments.

Fern then clarified: “You shouldn’t be confused. You never change your brain.”

“Everything is hilarious – all bum jokes, all c**k jokes. Everything is still as it is when you’re 66.”

Nikita was still left feeling perplexed. He asked the former This Morning star if they were “having a beef?”

Fern replied: “I’m just saying never look at an old person and think they’re old. We’re still in our heads 26.

“When you said to me the other day, you were very sweet. ‘I like your stripy top. Stripes are in fashion, Fern.’ Bless you, you were passing me a compliment but also saying ‘actually they’re in fashion’ as if it was a surprise to me. It wasn’t a surprise.”

In their best efforts to decode the exchange some suggested it had nothing to do with fashion at all.

Instead they believe Fern has worked out Nikita has voted for her in nominations multiple times and as a result was being purposely cryptic and difficult.

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CBB fans accused Fern of being ‘drunk’Eroteme

Nikita was confused by Fern’s comments about ageEroteme