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The Voice winner Annatoria reveals she DIDN’T want to win ITV talent show as opens up on record label split

THE Voice UK’s youngest winner Annatoria Chitapa had been catapulted into fame after winning back in 2020.

The singer, 21, has experienced many highs and lows since being crowned the winner, and the youngest contestant to have the title in the shows’ history.

ITVThe rising R&B star became the youngest singer to win The Voice UK, back in 2020.[/caption]

TwitterAnnatoria still receives messages of support and guidance from her coach on the The Voice, pop star Olly Murs[/caption]

After winning the programme in 2020, the Zimbabwe-born star signed a contract with Island Records, and released her debut album Count My Blessings in May the following year. 

But the rising star initially did not want to win the series. 

Annatoria told The Sun: “I did not want to be tied to a contract. You always hear horror stories of artists signing less than ideal contracts after winning a show, so I didn’t want to win initially.”

The R&B star was invited back on the show to perform the lead single off the album, I Smile in 2021. 

Shortly after the release of her album, it had been annouced Annatoria parted ways with her record label Island Records.

She continued: “I noticed the label and I had different plans for my career. I had a conversation with them, and they said ‘I’m sorry we weren’t able to do what you needed. Let’s just part ways.’ I was relieved and knew everything would be fine.”

Annatoria believes in spite of ongoing conversations surrounding the relevance of music TV competition shows today, there’s still a place for them today. 

The vocalist said: “There’s still a place for The X Factor, or The Voice today, but you have to do the work. You have to market yourself on my social media. I created behind the scenes content which helped me draw a bigger audience. I couldn’t rely on just winning.”

This strategy helped the artist go viral numerous times, amassing a huge following online.

She originally went by her first name Blessing, but preferred her middle name Annatoria as her stage name.

The music influencer shared: “ asked me on the show what my name was, and I blurted out ‘Blessing!’. I wasn’t meant to. But after the show, I decided to drop it. Annatoria is my middle name, it sounded pretty and I ran with it.”

Annatoria had been mentored by pop star Olly Murs, 39, making her win Olly’s second consecutive win on the show.

It would be the Pop crooner’s final win on the show as he had been axed from the series in 2023.

The former The Voice coach still mentors Annatoria.

She said: “Olly was the only coach to turn his chair for me. He guided me through the whole process and still gives me advice. I’ll receive a text from him and still say ‘I can’t believe Olly Murs just texted me!’ ”

Annatoria’s focus is new music and building her social media presence with song covers and funny videos which often go viral.  

The budding superstar is back with an empowering new song Packed Up, which she wrote and recorded Stateside in July 2023, to document her split from the label, and hopes for the future. 

The social media star said: “It was recorded in LA. I remember the other writers would ask me how I am doing. I would say ‘ I feel like I’m getting ready to say yes to new adventures.’ ”

She continued: “I just blurted out ‘I’m packed up, ready to get out of this city.’ It could be metaphorical. The song is a testament to what happened in my life, but also what is currently happening.”

Annatoria is looking forward to releasing an EP next month called Full Circle. 

YouTubeAnnatoria had reservations about applying for the popular ITV music competition show[/caption]

ITVThe Dudley-resident had been relieved when her and former label decided to part ways[/caption]

InstagramThe singer who released her new single Packed Up earlier in the year, is on the verge of releasing a new EP[/caption]



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