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The REAL winners (and losers) of Celebrity Big Brother… including sad downfall of ‘adored’ star who made idiotic mistake

IT’S the final of Celebrity Big Brother tonight – and it’s been a wild ride for the contestants.

Either Louis Walsh, Colson Smith, Fern Britton, Nikita Kuzmin or David Potts will be crowned this series’ winner.

Olivia WestAisleyne Horgan-Wallace gives her verdict on CBB’s winners and losers[/caption]

RexAisleyne wants Louis Walsh to win the show[/caption]

But according to Big Brother legend Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, it won’t necessarily be the person who has provided viewers with the most entertainment.

Here our very own Big Brother’s Big Mouth gives her verdict on the REAL winners and losers from this year’s Celebrity Big Brother


Louis Walsh

Louis is a brilliant, amazing, funny man, who doesn’t take any s**t, and holds no prisoners.

Plus, even though he’s 71, he’s fun – and he has actually got a softer side. We’ve seen it multiple times!

He even got closer with Zeze Millz in the end, even though they kept nominating each other, and he said they were just complete opposites from different worlds. 

He wants to know people and to learn about people – but he’s actually a terrible judge of character when it comes to friendship. He hasn’t got a clue. 

All his friends have voted for him in that house – Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu nominated him to his face, Fern tried to get him out with her killer nomination and even long-time pal Sharon Osbourne didn’t save him from eviction when she had the chance.

If my friends had voted me out on Big Brother, I would be devastated. It’s such a pressure cooker feeling in there. Your friendships mean everything to you and the bond seems so strong. 

I don’t know how he’s survived it and he just brushes it off. 

And this is why he needs to win – because he’s been through the most of anyone in that house!

David Potts

RexAisleyne has loved David Potts’ Diary Room chats[/caption]

From the looks of Twitter, Ibiza Weekender star David is favourite to win the show.

I can see why that would happen because he has been very entertaining, and he hits the nail on the head with his jokes, especially in the diary room.

I don’t think I could handle him winning – I’ve seen him at parties in the past and he was so loud my eardrums burst.

If he won Big Brother, I think the pitch would go even higher and I’ve got audio sensitivity problems so I can’t be dealing with that.

Whatever happens, he’s going to be on TV a lot more, I reckon – and definitely at every party going!

Zeze Millz

RexAisleyne thinks Zeze Millz will grow even more after CBB[/caption]

I think Zeze is going to grow even more after CBB finishes – and is definitely one of the show’s winners even though she was evicted earlier in the week.

She came across so well in her post-eviction interview with AJ Odudu and Will Best – much happier than she seemed in the house. 

She’s put herself on the map as far as broadcasting and interviewing is concerned.

She built her platform all by herself before CBB and I really hope that going on the show opens other, more mainstream, doors for her.

Louis even called Zeze “the future of broadcasting,” and I believe him. So let’s watch this space. I hope there’s lots more work for her.

Fern Britton

ErotemeFern Britton could be a Loose Women panellist after CBB[/caption]

I think Fern is going to be a regular face on ITV after her Big Brother stint too – I’d love to see her as a panellist on Loose Women

She is a brilliant interviewer and is so clever in the way she gets people to open up.

Her only down moment was her argument with Nikita, over him complimenting her striped top.

It sent me sideways and I just didn’t understand why she was so sure that him saying stripes were “on trend” was a dig at her age.

I don’t believe he meant anything ageist by it. I think he was just trying to spark a conversation with her, which is clearly awkward because they haven’t got the best of friendships. 

Big Brother’s a journey, so I hope that she’s learned there was no malice in what Nikita said 

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace

Fern handled it atrociously but perhaps her age is a sore point for her. She’s allowed to be a little bit touchy about it. 

Big Brother’s a journey, so I hope that she’s learned that she can let go of that because there was no malice in what Nikita said. 

I just want to give her a massive hug and say “girl, just let it all out.”

Marisha Wallace

RexAisleyne thinks Marisha Wallace deserved to stay longer[/caption]

I loved Marisha Wallace, she was a very sweet girl and definitely deserved to stay longer than Nikita, Bradley Riches or Colson.

She did talk about wanting to win the game and that’s why she nominated Ekin-Su in the face-to-face nominations, but she’s American and Americans play the game like it’s supposed to be played – to win it. 

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that and it’s such a shame she left so early.

I think she deserved a higher place and definitely deserved to be in the final. 

Sharon Osbourne

RexAisleyne wishes Sharon Osbourne had been a normal housemate[/caption]

Sharon was my favourite character, by far. 

She was brilliant – blunt, brutally honest and could see through people’s bulls**t. 

I was so sad when she left, and so gutted she didn’t stay the whole way through. 

She and Louis made the entire series and it would have been iconic had she been in there the whole time.

Lauren Simon

RexThere’s a reason that Lauren Simon was asked to return to the CBB house for a task[/caption]

Lauren Simon was great fun, silly, but also quite feisty and stood up for herself. 

It’s a shame she left so early.

I think we would’ve seen a lot more from her if she’d stayed in and one of the boring lot, like Bradley, would’ve left instead.

There’s a reason she was the housemate who got invited back for that courtroom task!

Bradley Riches

ErotemeAs much as she likes Bradley, Aisleyne isn’t surprised he was evicted last night[/caption]

Bradley Riches has been lovely during his time in the house.

He’s autistic, and I have ADHD, so with us both being neurodivergent, I understand a lot of what he says and what he expresses.

He’s overcome a lot of battles to get in there and that’s great. 

But that’s not a reason to win, so I’m not too surprised he got evicted in last night’s episode.


Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu

ErotemeAisleyne says Ekin-Su needs to take some accountability for her CBB behaviour[/caption]

Ekin-Su is in the losers camp for me.

I just cannot believe we’ve witnessed the downfall of somebody who was a rose, an absolutely adored personality. 

I don’t understand how she can blame the edit. 

I went into Big Brother and said: “I’m going to be 100 per cent myself. I know for a fact that there are some parts of my character that people will love and there are parts people are not going to like or not going to understand.”

You go into that house understanding that, so to then come out and be like, “Oh, no, I didn’t win or I didn’t get this far because of the edit”? Rubbish. 

Big Brother is a massive learning curve for anyone that goes in there and doesn’t know themselves – and Ekin-Su didn’t know herself

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace

Take some responsibility.

You nominated your friend, Louis, just because you thought that’s what the public wanted. You referred to yourself as “not just a pretty face” about 1,000 times. 

There was no social media when I was in Big Brother in 2006, so it must be so much harder now, with everyone having an opinion – and I do hope she’s okay.

But at the same time, she needs some self-reflection – and to wonder why so many people are saying the same thing about her.

Big Brother is a massive learning curve for anyone that goes in there and doesn’t know themselves – and she didn’t know herself.

Life is a lesson. We grow through what we go through. 

Gary Goldsmith

RexAisleyne doesn’t want to see Gary Goldsmith on her screen again[/caption]

The Princess of Wales’ uncle Gary Goldsmith is definitely a loser.

He had delusions of grandeur and had absolutely no place in that house. I’m glad he was the first out.

There was one reason only he was chosen to go on Celebrity Big Brother – and that’s because of Kate.

He sold his own family out to try and prove a point to the world about himself, and go on a journey.

The only problem is  none of us give a s**t about his journey – and no one wanted to see it.

He’s lucky he got the chance to go in there – he’s a sell-out, and a snake. 

He definitely won’t be the next face of broadcasting – or any interview ever.

He’s eyeing up a role on Dragons’ Den – and I hope that doesn’t happen!

Who has won Celebrity Big Brother?

THE first Celebrity Big Brother aired in March 2001 on Channel 4.

Roll on 23 years and a switch to Channel 5 in 2011, CBB is now into its 23rd season and is being hosted for the first time by ITV.

Here’s who has won the coveted title so far:

Season 1 (2001): Comedian Jack Dee beat actress Claire Sweeney despite walking out of the house and evading security for about an hour. The series was also more memorable for Vanessa Feltz telling Big Brother to “f*** off” after chalking “incarcerated”, “ambushed” and “restricted” on the table.

Season 2 (2002): Take That favourite Mark Owen triumphed over TV host Les Dennis. The latter won over the sympathy of the audience after his marriage breakdown to wife Amanda Holden.

Season 3 (2005): Maraca shaking Bez walked out the winner ahead of Blazin’ Squad‘s Kenzie. The Happy Mondays star scooped the £50,000 and went on 10-hour bender, blowing the cash.

Season 4 (2006): This was the season when Big Brother really mixed things up – by sending in a non-celebrity from fictional band Kandy Floss. However, Chantelle Houghton won over viewers and housemates alike and was crowned the winner. During her time in the house she found love with Ordinary Boys singer Preston. There was also added drama when George Galloway pretended to be Rula Lenska‘s pet cat

Season 5 (2007): Actress Shilpa Shetty won after being caught up in a racism bullying row with former BB contestant Jade Goody, model Danielle Lloyd, and S Club‘s Jo O’Meara

Season 6 (2009): Ulrika Jonsson beat Terry Christian, but controversy came in the form of rapper Coolio who was slammed by viewers as misogynistic, however he finished in third spot.

Season 7 (2010): Alex Reid beat Dane Bowers and Vinnie Jones with a huge 65% of the vote. Alex married Katie Price one month later.

Season 8 (2011): In the first series to air on Channel 5, Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star Paddy Doherty was the unexpected winner, beating singer Kerry Katona.

Season 9 (2012): Loose Women star Denise Welch triumphed over X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza, after stripping off while drunk and jumping into the hot tub topless.

Season 10 (2012): Comedian Julian Clary got the nod in the vote over Coleen Nolan.

Season 11 (2013): The X Factor’s Rylan Clark beat couple Heidi Montag
Spencer Pratt, who were competing as “one entity” and known as Speidi.

Season 12 (2013): Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby beat 5ive singer Abz Love

Season 13 (2014): Jim Davidson won after a blazing row with Linda Nolan. N-dubz Dappy took second spot.

Season 14 (2014): Gary Busey – who chose to roam around the CBB house naked – beat boxer Audley Harrison.

Season 15 (2015): Katie Price won the battle of the Katies as she saw off controversial Katie Hopkins in the final. The biggest talking point was American blogger’s Perez Hilton‘s raging row with Calum Best, but the series also saw two early ejections of Jeremy Jackson and Ken Morley.

Season 16 (2015): Apprentice star James Hill beat model Austin Armacost. Tila Tequila was evicted on just the second day after she was found to have posted support for Adolf Hitler on social media.

Season 17 (2016): Geordie Shore’s Scotty T won after sharing a kiss with  fellow housemate Tiffany Pollard. Stephanie Davis was runner-up.

Season 18 (2016): Stephen Bear won the show despite a huge row with radio star James Whale. Ricky Norwood placed second but this season saw Christopher Biggins ejected from the house after making an anti-Semitic joke.

Season 19 (2017): Coleen Nolan entered the CBB house for a second time – and this time came out the winner beating Jedward. During her second stint she had a massive showdown with horse star John McCririck.

Season 20 (2017): It was the battle of the reality show singers in the final, with  Popstars: The Rivals winner and Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding beating The X Factor’s Amelia Lily.

Season 21 (2018): Courtney Act, otherwise known as Shane Jenek, won with politician Ann Widdecombe runner-up.

Season 22 (2018): Winning Dancing On Ice in 2024, was not Ryan Thomas‘s first reality show title. He won the CBB title in 2018, after a shocking “run-in” with Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallet, who falsely accused him of punching her. Actress Kirstie Alley came second.

Nikita Kuzmin

ErotemeAisleyne doesn’t think Nikita Kuzmin would be in the final if it was vote to evict[/caption]

If ITV’s voting system was vote to evict rather than vote to save, Nikita wouldn’t be in the final five. Fact.

He’s part of one of the nation’s favourite TV shows, Strictly Come Dancing, and so already had a much bigger fan base than Zeze or Marisha Wallace to back him up when he went up against them in the eviction at the beginning of the week.

He is gorgeous to look at, and sweet – and I did feel sorry for him during his argument with Fern – but I don’t really have anything to say about him other than that.

He’s not a winner for me. 

Levi Roots

RexLevi Roots was just a nice, plain-sailing character[/caption]

Levi Roots was just a nice, plain-sailing character in the house. 

The house cook is a dangerous position to put yourself in because then you have to do it all the time. 

Everyone relies on you just for that and you’re not respected for the rest of your character – you just become the house dad or mum and look after everyone. 

And that’s, sadly, what happened to him.

He was just a nice character but didn’t really add much excitement or jazz hands to the show – nothing like Louis, Sharon or Fern.

Colson Smith

ErotemeAisleyne says Colson Smith is just a nice, sweet boy[/caption]

Corrie star Colson is also in the group of boys in that house, who call themselves the Bathroom Slayers. 

Again, he’s just a really sweet, nice guy. 

But, personally, I like more of a character – someone who’s more fun, and says it how it is.



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