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The official result of Putin and the number of ballots filled with greenery have been announced: the Central Election Commission has summed up the election results

Russia has another record in the overall electoral standings. Ella Pamfilova’s report on the results of the 2024 presidential elections lasted more than two hours.

“This report will be included in the Guinness Book of Records for its duration,” LDPR leader Leonid Slutsky will later say.

Although from the very beginning it was clear that the CEC chairman would take a long time to talk.

“It’s sore and boiling,” Pamfilova warned those gathered at the meeting.

In the morning, the final voting protocols were delivered to the Central Election Commission. 91 thick folders – from 89 Russian regions, from foreign sites and Baikonur.

But Pamfilova started not with the voting results, but with the people. Namely, how many voters trust the elections. VTsIOM immediately surveyed citizens, and this is what came out: 65% trust unconditionally, 18% trust, despite individual violations.

Why raise the issue of trust when all the votes have already been counted and the personalities on the pedestal are obvious? One way or another, the question of the legitimacy of the elections continues to hang in the external political circuit. It hangs like a gun on the wall. To prevent it from shooting, it is advisable to remove it altogether.

So voters’ trust in what happened is a marker of legitimacy. But not the only one, there are others.

“Our elections are direct; this is not the case in all countries,” Ella Alexandrovna reminded. — Take, for example, the USA. No comments…

The head of the Central Election Commission said that the West does not understand and “thank God, they will never understand us.”

“Our elections are distinguished by the widest accessibility and convenience,” Pamfilova continued to list the markers of legitimacy. This was, of course, a nod to the DEG.

This time the head of the Central Election Commission did not say what she said earlier: that the electoral system in Russia is the most digitalized. But she did mention that we have QR coding of protocols. This eliminates the risk of counterfeiting. Plus, the GAS “Elections” system runs on domestic hardware and functions without the Internet. So the Central Election Commission was not worried about her. “We slept peacefully,” Pamfilova noted.

Although Ella Alexandrovna herself looked tired. Like from the war. Although why “how”. During the election days, she and her colleagues had to fend off attacks. There were many of them.

“There was outright terror,” the chairman began to tell everything that she had to endure over the past days. — In Berdyansk on March 6, there was an explosion, our colleague Elena Ilyina, the head of the TEC, was killed. She directed the center for children and youth creativity. Of course, they hit them in order to sow confusion and fear.

There was also telephone terrorism. The CEC prepared for it in advance, preparing more than 64 thousand reserve voting premises. Not only in new regions – throughout the country, just in case.

Vandalism – where would we be without it?

– Well, you saw it. “Zelensky Zelenka,” “Molotov cocktails,” Pamfilova recalled. But she immediately softened and added that those who poured brilliant green into ballot boxes were psycho-emotionally vulnerable people. There are no longer any ideological prisoners left; most of them have fled.

In total, 41 acts of vandalism were recorded during voting days. 30 boxes are sprayed with green paint. They contained 240 ballots. Of these, 36 were injured.

– Here’s their exhaust. “It’s a Euro-American bubble,” the CEC chairwoman quipped.

Plus another 709 ballots were declared invalid, but for technical reasons: the safe package was poorly sealed, there was no election commission seal. Pamfilova clarified that the measures for processing and storing ballots have been tightened so that not only a mouse, but also its tail does not slip through.

“Hyena of Europe”, Poland, in its own style. Damaging of ballots flourished there. This was what the relocants did, Ella Pamfilova is sure.

There was also bureaucratic terrorism. This is how Ella Alexandrovna described the flow of complaints written as if they were carbon copies. This disgrace, according to her, was carried out by pro-Western radical oppositionists and their sympathizers. But as a result, there were none of the 14,389 complaints that the CEC should have considered.

The bloodiest battlefield turned out to be virtual space. More than 12 million DDoS attacks were repelled by the CEC infrastructure. The number of cyber attacks has increased 150 times. There were 420 thousand attacks on the DEG system. Pamfilova assured that these were not some anarchist hackers. These are the intelligence services of Western countries.

All this had no effect on anything. The turnout turned out to be even higher than initially estimated. Not 77.44, but 77.49%. In absolute numbers, this is 87 million 576 thousand 75 people.

Of these, 76 million 277 thousand 708 voters voted for Vladimir Putin.

The final calculations did not change the balance of power down to hundredths of a percent. But here’s what’s curious: for the president of Russia elected (now officially) for a fifth term, they cast their votes not only within the country, but also in countries that cannot be suspected of loving Russia. For example, in Estonia, 75% of the votes are for Putin. In Latvia 70.6%. In Australia 53.6%.

Based on the results of vote counting at foreign polling stations, Vladislav Davankov is in second place with 16.44%. The third is Kharitonov (2.26%), the fourth is Slutsky (1.99%).

Putin is first abroad too, where he has 72.54%.

Soon after the election results were announced, Vladimir Putin addressed the Russians. He thanked them for participating in the vote and promised to do everything to justify their trust.

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