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The Federation Council discussed the presidential elections

The plenary meeting of the Federation Council on Wednesday opened with a discussion of the past presidential elections. The senators stated the “indisputable legitimacy” of the result obtained by Vladimir Putin, and Western politicians who criticized the will of the Russians were branded as “completely dependent, biased and pathetic.” The West was also reproached for the “illegitimate” Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, since elections in the neighboring state were “simply cancelled.”

Opening the meeting, Speaker of the Upper House Valentina Matvienko statedthat the presidential elections, held on March 15–17, were “a real triumph of unity of the country and the entire Russian society.” On behalf of the senatorial corps, she congratulated Vladimir Putin on his “convincing, powerful, completely deserved victory,” stating that “the history of our country has never known such popular support.”

Let us remind you that, according to the Central Election Commission, 87.28% of voters voted for the current head of state with a turnout of 77.44%.

“For many years, Vladimir Vladimirovich has shown us all an example of true personal service to his homeland,” said Mrs. Matvienko. “And the fact that for the next six years he will continue this service on the basis of an absolutely legitimate popular mandate certainly inspires confidence in the future.” The elections were “democratic, competitive, transparent and open,” and this can be confirmed by more than 1 thousand foreign observers, the speaker continued: “I am confident that certain formats of our electoral system will be introduced in their countries.”

Having once again stated the “indisputable internal legitimacy” of the past campaign, Valentina Matvienko moved on to “unprecedented attempts at intervention from abroad,” which, however, “failed miserably”: “The only thing they (the organizers of the intervention) could do was— “Kommersant”) it was enough to fill the ballot boxes with green paint in several areas.” The leaders of the “leading countries of the global majority” have already congratulated Mr. Putin on his re-election, Ms. Matvienko emphasized, while the reaction of the West was expected and “shameful.”

“Roll call of various Macrons (French President Emmanuel Macron.— “Kommersant”), Borrell (head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell.— “Kommersant”) and other persons without a political face, rushing to pronounce a memorized mantra about illegality, lack of freedom, some kind of intimidation of citizens, in fact, completely discredits them,” said the chairman of the Federation Council. According to her, European leaders “look completely dependent, biased and pathetic,” moreover, “illegitimate” and “have no right to be called politicians.” Their statements, finally, are not just lies, but a “direct insult” to millions of Russian citizens, the speaker emphasized.

Valentina Matvienko finished with a reminder that the source of power in Russia is the people and this is its difference from “free and progressive Ukraine in quotes,” where power “is so openly usurped and far from the people that the presidential elections were simply cancelled.” “The one who is definitely illegitimate is Mr. Zelensky,” the speaker concluded. “So let them better take care of the fate of their ward.”

Next came the head of the Federation Council commission for the protection of sovereignty, Andrei Klimov, who reported on attempts to discredit not only the election results, but also “our sovereign electoral system as such.”

To achieve this, the “enemies” simultaneously used their full potential, the senator said: “Over 12 million cyber attacks were carried out against us, illegal platforms were created for the so-called alternative voting, deliberately criminal actions were prepared under the guise of some kind of protest afternoon, literally necrophiliac performances were staged in American settings.” . Sabotage and terrorist methods were also widely used – from shelling to attempts to storm the state border. However, despite the efforts of the “Western camarilla and their puppets,” the elections were held in full accordance with the Constitution “with an unprecedented turnout,” Mr. Klimov summed up.

The topic of recognizing the results of voting abroad was developed by Vice-Speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev, who said that he “does not remember” elections with so many observers. All of them, according to him, came to the same conclusion that the past campaign complied with international standards and Russian laws. At the same time, Mr. Kosachev responded to “ill-wishers” who claim that these observers were dependent on Russia. “Dependent observers did not come to us, they were not allowed. Truly independent observers have come to us,” the senator triumphantly stated.

Senator from the Belgorod region Zhanna Chefranova drew a line under the discussion of the past elections, who shared her experience of expressing will in the border territory, which was subject to shelling from the Ukrainian Armed Forces: “I personally came to the site on March 15 at 8:00 and came under an air raid alert, waited in shelter, as and all those who voted.” Despite this, she said, Belgorod residents did not panic, and one could see a “calm, firm look” on their faces. “These are special people; we have the genetic memory of our ancestors. These people should be made into nails,” the senator finished pathetically.

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