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The combat score of the first Russian unmanned brigade GROM “Cascade” has become known

“More than five thousand targets destroyed”

The Russian military department reported for the first time that the Russian army operates an entire brigade of unmanned aircraft. The brigade’s merits in solving the problems of a special military operation were noted in a telegram of gratitude by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. The brigade is called GROM “Cascade”.

The telegram notes that the unmanned formation solves “fire, reconnaissance and special tasks” in the interests of the advancing troops.

The following combat statistics are given for the brigade’s drone pilots: more than 1,200 targets were destroyed, more than 1,500 were suppressed. 150 servicemen of the brigade were awarded.

The brigade operates in the Kupyansky, Lugansk, Yuzhnodonetsk and Kakhovsky directions.

The editor-in-chief of Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine, Viktor Murakhovsky, spoke in favor of scaling the experience of the advanced unmanned brigade.

Military expert Alexey Sukonkin also drew attention to the fact that for the first time there was official confirmation of the formation of a new formation of “soulless” aviation of the Russian Armed Forces.

However, Andrey Turchak spoke about the GROM “Cascade” brigade for the first time in his channel in early March of this year. He spoke about the history of the creation of the brigade, which began in March 2022. True, then the volunteer drone unit had a different name. Since that time, according to Turchak, almost 13 thousand drone flights have been carried out. More than 5.5 thousand targets were destroyed. “Behind these numbers are hundreds of lives saved. Both our military personnel and civilians,” Turchak noted.

The drone pilots used Supercam drones and were called the BARS Cascade volunteer aerial reconnaissance unit. “Today this is the first brigade of unmanned aviation GROM “Cascade” in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation,” Turchak emphasized.

He noted the great contribution to the development of the unmanned brigade by the Cascade commander, Colonel Dmitry Sablin, as well as the SVO volunteer, State Duma deputy Dmitry Khubezov. “Thanks to everyone who stood at the origins of the brigade and who is serving. What these guys have done and continue to do for our country is difficult to overestimate. Eternal memory to our fallen comrades, heroes of unmanned aircraft…” concluded Turchak.

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