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The Apprentice confusion as axed candidate is missing from You’re Fired interview – and fans demand answers

THE Apprentice fans have been left confused as the latest fired candidate failed to appear as scheduled for an interview on spin-off You’re Fired.

Having been axed by Lord Sugar in the BBC contest, Noor failed to appear on Tom Allen’s BBC Two side show as is usual practise for fired contestants.

Noor Bouziane failed to appear on The Apprentice spin-off You’re Fired

The candidate was axed after Lord Sugar branded her work “terrible”

The You’re Fired panel discussed her poor performance in the wake of her no-show

Confirming she would not be appearing, neither Tom or the BBC gave any further details regarding her ‘vanishing act’.

Noor was ousted from the show after finally stepping up as project manager but severely failing to deliver.

She and her team were tasked with creating an advertising campaign for an electric camper van.

Despite creating a 30-second clip to promote the product, it was heavily criticised by Lord Sugar who felt it lacked clarity or quality.

In response, Noor simply snapped back:  “I didn’t want to use the cliché, like the typical advert where the van is moving. I feel like that’s done before.”

“If I saw that van in that video, I would buy it,” she bragged to Lord Sugar. 

But the business tycoon was so frustrated by her defiant attitude he said it felt like “banging his head up against a brick wall.”

Insisting her advert was “terrible” and “half-baked”, Noor was fired without even having the option to bring any of her fellow teammates back to the boardroom in a shock result.

Amid her firing, Noor’s performance on the show was analysed by the panel on You’re Fired where one star did offer up their sympathy to the ‘missing’ candidate.

Discussing Noor’s show stint, podcaster Cally Beaton said: “I have sympathy with her as she tried to have a voice when it wasn’t always the same as the people in charge.

“The only place she really fell down – and it’s such a hard lesson to learn – is knowing what you don’t know and surrounding yourself with people who may know more than you. Leaning on them, willingly, is a brilliant way to get better.

“I think that’s where she hasn’t quite got it yet, just letting the outside input stuff in.

“And letting people make you look good – if somebody else does something and you get the credit for it, that’s fantastic. Fail forward, that’s fine!”

After sending Noor packing, Lord Sugar then turned his attention to Phil, teasing a second firing. 

“Phil. Eight tasks. Eight losses. Are you a serial loser?” Lord Sugar asked.

“At the moment, this is like a nightmare for you,” he added before giving the candidate a chance to defend himself. 

“Lord Sugar, I believe I am easily one of the most capable people in this process,” he responded, which persuaded Lord Sugar to let him stay another week. 

Who is left in The Apprentice?

Those lucky enough to be still in with a chance of winning the £250K investment into their business are:

Flo Edwards, recruitment consultant 
Foluso Falade, project manager
Maura Rath, yoga company owner
Dr Paul Midha, dental group owner
Phil Turner, pie company owner
Rachel Woolford, boutique fitness studio owner
Raj Chohan, mortgage broker
Steve Darken, management consultant
Tre Lowe, music and wellness entrepreneur

The candidates who have been fired so far on series 18 are:

Noor Bouziane, sales executive – WEEK EIGHT
Virdi Singh Mazaria, music producer – WEEK SEVEN
Sam Saadet, pre and post-natal fitness coach – WEEK SIX
Onyeka Nweze, chartered company secretary – WEEK FIVE
Jack Davies, recruitment director – WEEK FOUR
Amina Khan, pharmacist and business owner – WEEK FOUR
Dr Asif Munaf, wellness brand owner – WEEK THREE
Paul Bowen, pie company director – WEEK TWO
Oliver Medforth, sales executive – WEEK ONE



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