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Stomach&churning moment woman’s arm SNAPS while arm wrestling a stranger…broken bone hasn’t healed a year on

STOMACH-churning footage has shown the shocking moment a woman’s arm snapped while arm-wrestling a stranger.

Daisy Johnson, 24, was celebrating Easter with her friends when she decided to take on a man in an intense arm wrestle.

CatersDaisy Johnson, 24, broke her humerus in an arm wrestle[/caption]

CatersThe bone snapped as she took on the stranger in a pub[/caption]

CatersShe suffered a spiral fracture in her humerus[/caption]

CatersDaisy is slowly building back to full strength[/caption]

But the friendly competition soon turned into a bone-crushing defeat for Daisy.

After her arm broke mid arm-wrestle, with an unmistakable cracking sound, Daisy was swiftly rushed to the hospital.

She suffered a spiral fracture in her humerus – a bone in the upper arm which connects to the shoulder – and was in extreme pain for the following few days.

Daisy spent four days in hospital after getting her damaged arm manipulated back into place and recovering with the help of painkillers.

The 24-year-old, from London, said: “There was a conversation around the topic of the gym and my ears perked up.

“This led to the friendly competition after stating that I could, ironically, ‘smash anyone in an arm wrestle.’

“My arm felt like the floppy arm in Harry Potter!

“The pain started to kick in as the adrenaline wore off. The humerus then needed to be manipulated back together which was extremely painful!”

Daisy was out celebrating Easter Sunday with her friends at the local pub when a complete stranger from a nearby table came over and made conversation with the group.

And once the gym was mentioned, she decided to get involved.

One thing led to another, and Daisy then challenged the stranger to an arm wrestle, confident that she would beat him.

The fitness fanatic spends most of her time in the gym, but with her broken arm, that would not be possible, and she spent the following months trying to get her strength back.

However, after a year, she still feels that her arm is not fully recovered.

And she says that it is “slightly deformed” and “shorter” than her other arm – but she is still determined to get back on track!

She said: “At the time, I thought I’d just dislocated my elbow joint and was convinced once someone popped it back in for me, I could make my way back to the pub!

“Everyone thought I was joking because I was quite a matter of fact that I’d done something and needed to go to hospital, until the realisation of my arm looking visually deformed … everyone soon realised I wasn’t joking.

“I had to hold it into my chest otherwise it was quite literally loosely swinging around.

“I spent around four days in hospital with a ton of morphine.

“It was frustrating! As a girl who spends most of her time in the gym strength training, it was mentally hard for me to have to completely change my training.”

To start with, she would mainly focus on other areas of the gym, while her arm was in a sling, and once she was ready, she began trying to bring her arm into recovery.

She continued: “However, no fitness journey will ever be challenge-free and once I accepted this and viewed my injury as a challenge, I was able to make the most progress.

“I ditched the sling around three months post-op, but it took months to get to the point where I could put body weight on the injured arm.”

“After a year into my recovery, the arm is still not fully back to how it was and I’m not certain whether or not it will regain its original mobility, strength and range of motion.

“Visually, the injured arm is slightly deformed and consequently shorter than the good arm. However, I’m keen to keep getting stronger every day.”

CatersShe has slowly recovered but says her arm is not back to ‘what it was’[/caption]

CatersDaisy was an avid gym goer before her injury[/caption]

CatersAn X-ray of her arm after being pinned[/caption]



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