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‘So fake!’ yell Celebrity Big Brother viewers as they slam housemate for ‘acting’ amid shock nominations twist

CELEBRITY Big Brother viewers slammed one housemate as ‘so fake’ tonight as a shock nominations twist was revealed.

Early in the episode, Fern Britton was invited to the diary room where she was given a pot of gold and told she could chose one housemate to face eviction.

ErotemeThe housemates received a series of St Patrick’s Day shocks[/caption]

Fern was accused of being ‘fake’ as she watched Louis discover her ‘snakey’ betrayal

She was then told she must place a toy snake on the pillow of the housemate she wanted to place in danger, and she chose Louis Walsh.

But what Fern didn’t know is that there was a twist in store.

After Louis discovered the snake on his bed, speculation ran through the house about what it meant.

But as the nominations began, it soon became clear.

Louis was the first to be called to the diary room, where he was told that another housemate had been a ‘snake’ and wanted him banished from the house.

A shocked Louis’ conversation with Big Brother was shown to the other housemates in the living room on the TV screen.

As Louis tried to figure out who the snake was, the housemates looked shocked as they all scanned the room to see if they could figure out the snake.

Fern did not confess it was her, however, instead feigning surprise.

She then continued to look shocked as Louis was told the ‘luck of the Irish’ was on his side for St Patrick’s Day and he was given a four leaf clover.

Louis look thrilled as he was told he was now immune from the next eviction, and Fern also smiled as she saw the twist unfold.

But fans think she was faking her reactions, while slamming her ‘acting’ – especially after she later went to the diary room and cried after learning she was up for nomination.

“Fern is so fake I can’t be a**ed with her,” one fan fumed on X/ twitter.

A second added: “Fern is so irritating. Fake nice, and always crying!”

A third chipped in: “Fern is so fake and calculated don’t like her one bit! get her out!”

Another compared her to Noky from the recent civilian series, as the beauty queen was repeated confused of acting.

The fan said: “Fern needs some acting lessons from noky icl”

It comes as four housemates face the chop in tomorrow night’s double eviction.

Nikita Kuzmin was already up as he stepped forward for the killer nomination on Sunday night.

Then when tonight’s nomination results were revealed, he was joined by three of the girls – Fern, Marisha Wallace and Zeze Millz.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX

Fern sobbed in the diary room againEroteme

Louis learned he will avoid eviction tomorrow nightRex



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