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Simon Cowell REFUSED to watch X Factor co&stars Louis Walsh and Sharon Osborne on CBB, reveals Sinitta

SIMON Cowell wouldn’t watch his estranged pals Louis Walsh and Sharon Osborne on Celebrity Big Brother.

The X Factor judge, 64, told his best pal Sinitta “I don’t want to know” when she divulged some of the things they’d said about him in the House.

Simon Cowell flew out of the country when Louis and Sharon went on CBB

RexSharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh gossiped about their ex-boss on CBB[/caption]

Last night Sinitta went to meet Louis to deliver some home truths about his b***hing.

Speaking to The Sun’s Celebrity Big Brother Breakdown podcast, in association with Press Box PR, Sinitta said: “I spoke to Simon just before the series started because I was like, ‘so what do you think of this? This is crazy, right?’

“I asked ‘why aren’t you saying anything to me about this?’

“He was like, ‘darling, I’m on the way to the airport, I’m leaving. Don’t tell me anything. I don’t want to know.’”

However, Sinitta ignored Simon’s request and later told him a few of the remarks Sharon and Louis made about their former boss.

“I said Sharon looks so tiny, she’s lost so much weight. She looks quite frail and he said, ‘oh, bless her’.

“And I said, but I think they’re being really sweet about you, Louis was saying you’re not as bad as you seem and Sharon said that you are an odd bar which is quite an American expression.

“In English it’s like saying he’s a numpty or something, it’s not a really strong insult. It’s kind of like ‘he’s crazy, he’s an odd ball’.

“And so he was kind of like, oh bless her.

“It could have been a lot worse because when friendships are tight, when friendships are really tight, you could pretty much say anything and get away with it.

“You’re kind of going to laugh it off. I think Sharon seemed like she was quite disappointed that Simon hasn’t been in touch.”

Sinitta explained that Simon doesn’t own his own mobile phone.

“It sounds ridiculous, but to our generation it’s not ridiculous because I can remember when we didn’t have mobile phones,” Sinitta said.

“We used to have answering machines and if you didn’t want to talk to someone, you left the sound up on your answering machine, you listened to who was calling, you decided whether to pick the phone up or not.

“When mobiles came out, my set of friends and me, we were the last want to get one because we couldn’t imagine anything worse than being contactable.

“So Simon doesn’t have a phone. He’s not calling you every day for chats and this, that and that those of us who are used to being able to do that with him, at first it did feel a bit of a knock back like, oh, wow, but you know, it’s actually nice when he just calls.

“He’s called me twice in the last couple of weeks and that’s nice because that’s better than me trying to call him and getting frustrated.”



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