‘Showing his true colours’ rant furious Celebrity Big Brother fans as show feud boils over in tense row


CELEBRITY Big Brother fans reacted in fury after watching a row between two housemates bubble over.

In a sneak peek video, Strictly Come Dancing star Nikita Kuzmin switches off the charm as Fern Britton finally calls him out for a remark he made.

ITVCelebrity Big Brother’s Fern Britton has had it out with Nikita Kuzmin[/caption]

ITVFans feel the row ‘shows his true colours’[/caption]

The professional dancer had previously told Fern that “stripes are in fashion, Fern” when talking about her top – and she has stewed on the ‘condescending’ comment for days.

But with a bottle of wine in her hand, the former This Morning star finally pulls Nikita up on it in tonight’s episode (Tuesday).

In front of the other housemates, Fern tells him: “You see, you and I get on alright when we’re playing games.

“And can I tell you, how old are you now?”

Smiling, Nikita replies: “26.”

Leaning towards him, Fern continues: “When you’re 66, you’ll have exactly the same brain. Which is why… yeah.”

Looking confused, Nikita asks: “Are we having a beef, or what is happening?”

Fern explains: “No, I’m just saying. Never, never look at an old person and think they’re just old. We’re still, in our heads, 26.”

Looking annoyed, Nikita asks: “Referring to?”

Fern tells him: “When you said to me the other day, and you were very sweet, ‘I like your stripy top. Stripes are in fashion, Fern’.”

Nikita insists his comment was “nothing personal” and just a “compliment”, but she isn’t buying it.

As housemate Zeze Millz puts her head in her hands, Nikita continues to hit back: “You’re trying to make the situation a little bit uncomfortable. I’m not sure why.

“Whatever problem you have with me, you just come to me and talk to me. I just find it really unnecessary, I’m not going to lie, Fern.”

He then turns to his fellow housemates and smiles.

CBB fans have since reacted in shock after the scene was shared by bosses on social media.

One viewer replied: “Nikita is finally showing his true colours.”

Another added: “Nikita has had it out for Fern since day 1 so… I’m glad she’s putting him in his place.”

And someone else remarked: “Fern has an uncanny ability to see right through people.

“I think she’s clocked quite a devious side to Nikita and he doesn’t like that. It doesn’t go with his squeaky clean brand.”

The tense scenes will air tonight

ITVFern has issue with a comment Nikita made about her clothes[/caption]

ITVHe accuses her of ‘having beef’ and making him ‘uncomfortable’[/caption]

ITVZeze Millz was unable to hide her shock[/caption]

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