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Shocking moment thug holds dog down and batters it repeatedly with spade in back garden

THIS is the shocking moment a thug battered an XL Bully-type dog with a spade in his back garden.

The harrowing footage shows the man attacking the animal in Hackney, East London.

Jam Press Vid/@CrimeLdnThe owner could be seen battering the dog with a spade[/caption]

He repeatedly strikes the dog, named Ace, with the metal spade – using so much force at one stage he loses his footing.

The horror only ended when a neighbour called police to report the abuse after filming it.

Owner Simon Thomas handed himself in after the attack and appeared at Stratford Magistrates’ Court today.

He admitted Ace was his dog but denied it was him who hit the animal.

Thomas was fined £375 and ordered to pay costs of £1,419 after pleading guilty to failing to prevent the causing of unnecessary suffering to an animal.

He was also banned from keeping dogs for 12 months following the shocking attack.

Police were scrambled to the estate in November and found Ace injured.

He was taken away for treatment but there has been no update on his condition.

A Met Police spokesperson said: “After a viral video of a man beating a dog, Ace, with a shovel, Status Dogs Unit officers arrested and charged a male. He was remanded and pleaded not guilty.

“At trial the charge was altered to a Section 4 (2) person responsible for allowing suffering, as he claimed it wasn’t him hitting the dog. He admitted that the dog was his.”

Jam Press Vid/@CrimeLdnThe dog’s owner admitted the pet was his but denied hitting it[/caption]

Jam Press Vid/@CrimeLdnThe dog was left injured in the attack[/caption]



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