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Scholz's party rose in ratings

Bild: Scholz’s party rating increased due to position on Taurus missiles

Insa Institute commissioned by the newspaper Bild conducted a survey and found out that the Social Democratic Party of Germany of Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the Alternative for Germany party have risen in the ranking of political forces in Germany.

According to the survey, support for Scholz’s party increased by 1.5%, reaching 16%. At the same time, the ADH rating increased to 19.5%, and the CDU/CSU bloc, on the contrary, lost 1.5%.

The newspaper clarifies that both parties use peaceful rhetoric regarding the Ukrainian conflict. In private, they do not support the transfer of Taurus missiles to Kyiv.

“In turn, the SPD and AfD began to increase their ratings. Currently, the two parties that are winning are the ones that resolutely oppose the supply of cruise missiles to the Kyiv regime,” said Insa head Hermann Binkert.

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