Ruby Fox&Miligan takes drastic action after being given a warning about the Dingles in Emmerdale


SENSING her husband Caleb pulling away from her to bond with the Dingles, Ruby Fox-Miligan continues to wreak havoc in the Dales.

Next week in Emmerdale, the troublemaker takes action, exasperating her other half even further. Could it lead to more rows?

ITVRuby Fox-Miligan is causing more tension in the village[/caption]

ITVHer son Nicky is trying to build bridges[/caption]

ITVBut can he ever push his parents to reconcile?[/caption]

Ruby Fox-Miligan (portrayed by Beth Cordingly) rocked up the ITV village earlier this year in an attempt to fix her marriage with her husband Caleb (Will Ash).

The pair were caught rekindling their romance upon her return but their marriage has remained on the rocks mostly due to Caleb’s affair with Tracy Robinson.

In a shock twist, Ruby learned what Caleb had been up to while her back was turned and, to punish him, she let the rest of the Dingles know what she had discovered.

This caused an uproar in the Dales as Ruby dropped the bombshell during Belle and Tom King’s wedding.

But despite being part of the same family, Ruby has struggled to get along with members of the Dingle clan and conflict remains rife.

It becomes clear that Ruby continues to view Caleb’s attempts to connect with them as a threat to her marriage.

Tension has plagued Ruby’s relationship with the Dingle family since her first arrival in Emmerdale and she even gave Caleb an ultimatum to make him choose between her or his long-lost clan.

To top it all off, Ruby made an enemy by brutally kneeing Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), who is known for his vengeful streak and short temper.

Coming up next week, Ruby’s rowing with the Dingles continues but her son Nicky (Lewis Cope) is astonished when a slanging match outside the shop with Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) leaves her unflustered.

Meanwhile, Caleb’s full of foreboding to hear Ruby’s been alienating his family further and he heads off to find out what’s happened.

Unable to watch another row between his parents, Nicky’s quick to stick up for Ruby when Caleb demands to know what she said to upset Nate.

But as he tries to resolve the conflict, Caleb is left exasperated by his incorrigible wife.

Later that night, Caleb can’t help feeling a pang of guilt as Ruby describes to Nicky what she gave up to build a life with his father.


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Nicky, who is just as keen as his father to have peace in the village, convinces Ruby that an apology to Nate might be a good idea, especially if it helps to smooth things over between her and Caleb.

Later on, and against all odds, Nate accepts Ruby’s apology and the pair start to tentatively bond over their shared hurt at Tracy and Caleb’s betrayals.

When Caleb marches in, he’s surprised to find Ruby and Nate peaceably conversing.

However, Nate makes clear that Caleb himself is a long way from forgiveness.

Is Ruby working hard enough to repair her marriage with Caleb?

Is all really forgiven?

How will Caleb manage to get back in Nate’s – and the Dingles’ – good graces?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

ITVTracy and Caleb’s affair led Ruby to push the latter to cut ties with the Dingles[/caption]

ITVBut will she ever find a way to fit in?[/caption]