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Reddit user goes viral after revealing EA FC 24 helped save his cat’s life

A Plymouth Argyle fan has explained how playing EA FC 24 saved his pet cat’s life.

The latest edition of EA Sports’ hit franchise has been out for a few months, with countless hours sunk into the game’s Career Mode. Every manager has that one team they can’t cope with.

They’ll rock up to your stadium and play the most spellbinding football of the season despite being in the relegation zone. It goes against all logic.

Reddit user AH4zArD came up against Plymouth Argyle in his Career Mode and got swept aside with ease.

Thankfully, it’s a result that reunited him with a very special someone. He posted to the Championship subreddit: “I was playing EA FC, and against Plymouth Argyle in my career mode.

“It was p**sing me off as they were playing like prime tiki taka Pep [Guardiola’s] Barcelona, and 2-0 up, so I rage quit, sat on my bed and looked outside to calm myself down.

“That’s when I saw her in someone’s house looking at me from out the window.”

The cat sat upstairs. (Credit: u/AH4zArD/Reddit)
The cat sat upstairs. (Credit: u/AH4zArD/Reddit)

If you’re wondering what the cat was doing in someone else’s property, it had been vacant for several weeks due to construction work. It meant the cat was all alone and trapped.

The Reddit post concluded: “Long story short we called the construction company and the owners and she is back with us, albeit very hungry and skinny.

“She’d been stuck in a room for 2 weeks, all the doors were shut.

An interesting turn of events. (Image Credit: EA Sports)
An interesting turn of events. (Image Credit: EA Sports)

“If it weren’t for Plymouth making me angry I probably wouldn’t have looked out my window in time to see her.”

The saying everything happens for a reason has never been more apt.

Hopefully the cat will be given a role on the coaching staff and be used as a lucky omen against Argyle going forward.



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