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Putin thanked his campaign headquarters for their work & Kommersant

Vladimir Putin arrived at his election headquarters in Gostiny Dvor. He thanked the headquarters volunteers for their work and called it very important for the country. Mr. Putin noted that the small number of complaints during elections speaks volumes about the quality of work of election commissions.

“There are conditions for further movement forward so that Russia is stronger, stronger, more effective,” Vladimir Putin told the headquarters volunteers. He noted that his victory shows that Russia was right in choosing its path. Mr. Putin thanked the Russians who voted for him: “We are all one team.”

Vladimir Putin said that Russia has many tasks ahead. The election results, he said, are a manifestation of citizens’ trust and hope that all goals will be achieved. “The source of power in Russia is the Russian people. Elections are not a formal thing, the single will of the people is compiled from the votes of Russian citizens, and the single will of the peoples of the Russian Federation is compiled from the voice of each citizen,” added Mr. Putin.

Based on the results of processing 60.01% of the protocols, President Vladimir Putin gains 87.26% of the votes, Nikolai Kharitonov (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) – 4.18%, Vladislav Davankov (New People) – 3.99%, Leonid Slutsky (LDPR) – 3 ,12%, follows from the Central Election Commission data. The overall turnout was 74.22% (data as of 18:00 Moscow time). The election candidates congratulated Mr. Putin on his victory.

Turnout, vote counting and preliminary election results – in material “Ъ”.

2024 presidential election results

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The turnout was: 0%

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According to the CEC as of 00:00, March 17, 2024

Putin scored more than 90%

Putin scored from 80% to 90%

Putin scored less than 80%

* Below the map are the results of candidates throughout the country; when you hover over a specific subject, the results in it are shown. For each subject, Putin’s results in previous elections since 2000 or since the formation/adoption of the region into the Russian Federation are additionally indicated.

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