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Putin holds a meeting with leaders of parliamentary factions – Kommersant

Russian President Vladimir Putin is holding a meeting with faction leaders in the State Duma, reports press service Kremlin. The head of state invited the interlocutors to discuss plans for the development of the Russian Federation, which he announced in his message to the Federal Assembly. He noted that there are theses worthy of attention in the programs of all Russian presidential candidates.

“While still working in Leningrad, then in St. Petersburg, I saw how legislative bodies, when faced with these problems, sometimes stumble, because behind every appointment there are corporate interests. I would really like to encourage you to ensure that we are not guided by corporate and even party interests, but by the interests of the cause,” said Vladimir Putin.

The President called on faction leaders to select and approve people based on their personal and business qualities, as well as their ability to solve the problems the country faces. He expressed the hope that they would be able to find answers to all these questions through working and constructive discussions. Vladimir Putin recalled that, according to the amended Constitution of Russia, the State Duma will approve not only the head of government and deputy prime ministers, but also ministers of the civil bloc.

On March 15, 16 and 17, Russian presidential elections were held in Russia. On March 18, the Central Election Commission reported that 100% of the protocols had been processed. According to the results of the vote count, the current head of state Vladimir Putin received 87.28% of the votes. Nikolai Kharitonov from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation received 4.31% of the votes, Vladislav Davankov from New People – 3.85%, Leonid Slutsky from the Liberal Democratic Party – 3.2%. Turnout in all regions was 77.44%.

About the consequences of Vladimir Putin’s re-election for Russians – in the Kommersant article “Candidate’s Share”.

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