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Putin declared March 24 a day of national mourning & Kommersant

President Vladimir Putin made a video message in connection with the terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall near Moscow. The President promised that all those involved would be punished. He called the terrorist attack bloody and barbaric. The President declared March 24 a day of national mourning.

“In Moscow and the Moscow region, in all regions of the country, anti-terrorism and anti-sabotage measures have been introduced. The main thing is to prevent those who are behind this bloody massacre from committing new crimes,” declared Vladimir Putin (quoted by website Kremlin).

The President said that four direct perpetrators of the terrorist attack had been found and detained – according to him, they tried to escape and were moving towards Ukraine, where, according to preliminary data, a window had been prepared for them on the Ukrainian side to cross the state border. A total of 11 people were detained. As the president said, the FSB and other law enforcement agencies are working to identify and uncover the entire terrorist support base.

According to Vladimir Putin, the terrorist attack is a blow to Russia. “We know what the threat of terrorism is. We count on interaction with all states that share our pain… Terrorists, murderers, inhumans, people who do not and cannot have a nationality, face one unenviable fate – retribution and oblivion,” the president added. According to him, Russia is faced with a prepared massacre of civilians. He said that “no one will be able to sow poisonous seeds of discord and discord in a multi-ethnic society.”

On March 22, in Crocus City Hall, a group of men opened fire from automatic weapons and then started a fire. According to the latest data, 115 people were killed in the terrorist attack.

About the development of events – in online broadcasts “Ъ”.

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