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‘Please get rid!’ beg Coronation Street fans as they demand double axing for ‘vile and deranged’ pair of characters

LAUREN Bolton has been presumed dead after blood was uncovered in her empty flat.

But as the search for her continues in Coronation Street, fans have been asking for two characters to be given the chop.

ITVLauren Bolton has gone missing and two suspects have been pointed out by police[/caption]

ITVBut viewers are growing annoyed with another character[/caption]

ITVAnd Bobby Carroll is also heavily criticised[/caption]

Authorities have two suspects lined-up for what they believe was Lauren Bolton’s murder.

The teen has been missing for weeks and fears for her well-being are increasing among viewers.

Recent scenes of the ITV soap have shown the police trying to work out who could be responsible for Lauren’s disappearance and their reasoning led them to her former boss Roy Cropper (David Neilson) and ex-tutor Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard).

However, following a more recent trip to the cobbles, one viewer came after another pair of characters in Weatherfield before angrily penning a message for soap bosses.

“Please PLEASE get rid of vile deranged Max and that creepy Bobby”, they wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, before adding: “they’re both unbearably irritating weirdos.”

Bobby Crawford (Jack Carroll) and Max Turner (Paddy Bever) have both been romantically involved with Lauren, with the former wishing to take things to the next level prior to her disappearance.

The son of Rob Donovan first appeared in Weatherfield in late December, 2023, and he has bonded with his long-lost aunt, Carla Connor, despite rocky beginnings.

But his antics have only managed to push fans to their limit as many viewers of the Manchester-based program have already complained about Bobby.

Max, on the other hand, is a well-known troublemaker, despite seemingly learning from his mistakes after being detained in a STC centre for six months.


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The youngster once had an explosive feud with Daniel Osbourne which escalated into him trying to spike the teacher at a school dance.

This unfortunately backfired as Max ended up spiking Amy Barlow instead and the incident left her with deep trauma she struggled to overcome.

Max was also pushed down the stairs by Daniel when an altercation between them became physical.

He was also involved in a hard-hitting grooming storyline as he joined the ranks of Griff Reynolds’ far-right gang last year, which led him to meet Lauren and embark on a relationship with her.

The teen has since been trying to stay on the straight and narrow, away from trouble, and he’s been going above and beyond with Bobby to find evidence that could solve the mystery of Lauren’s disappearance.

In recent Corrie scenes, Max made a bold accusation by pointing the finger towards Daniel.

And while some viewers believed he was only trying to help, others theorised he may have another motive for throwing the blame on to the teacher.

Has he really changed his ways?

Will Bobby and Max ever find Lauren?

Or could they know more than they let on?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

ITVRoy was arrested for Lauren’s murder[/caption]

ITVBut could Bobby and Max know more than they let on?[/caption]



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