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Parliamentary parties sum up the results of the presidential campaign

The parliamentary parties that nominated candidates for the 2024 presidential elections had almost completed summarizing the results of the campaign by the end of the week. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Liberal Democratic Party noted the long-term nature of the programs developed for their candidates, emphasized the importance of the work of regional party structures and announced the start of preparations for the upcoming regional elections. “New People” are preparing to widely discuss the results of the presidential campaign at the congress at the end of March, but are already praising their own find with the public headquarters of their candidate.

Summing up the results of the campaign, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation focused on consolidated public support for the current head of state, the activity of its own regional structures, as well as on the elaboration of the candidate’s program, where the communists included all the relevant systemic theses, which they intend to use in future work.

“We have done a tremendous amount of work,” said Gennady Zyuganov, Chairman of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. at a press conference in TASS on Monday. “There is not a single subject where our program has not been presented.” “Hundreds of meetings” in the regions, the halls of which were “crowded”, clearly proved that the party and the left-patriotic union led by it have “enormous support,” the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation noted: “Our candidate’s slogan “We played at capitalism – that’s enough” is a brilliant slogan , lay on the heart of almost everyone, everyone understands it!”

The vote, emphasized the first deputy chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Yuri Afonin, turned out to be “a vote in support of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, who leads our national liberation struggle.”

Nevertheless, the Communist Party worked “very creatively” during the campaign and is confident in the quality of its program. “All issues related to the development of the country are reflected in Kharitonov’s program,” said Mr. Afonin. “The president’s message included a number of our proposals, including issues related to the introduction of a progressive tax scale.” The relevance of the initiatives developed by the communists will be shown by the regional elections in September 2024, the first deputy chairman of the Central Committee is sure.

The candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, like other members of the Central Committee, congratulated the current president on his victory, but made a reservation that 90% is “the population is not making a laurel wreath, but a big collar with heavy responsibilities, and Vladimir Vladimirovich understands this.” “But our party will not stand aside,” Nikolai Kharitonov promised, noting that, “as in all election campaigns since the 1990s,” the Communist Party of the Russian Federation did not fall below second place, thereby demonstrating that “respect and voter support” remained with her.

The communists did not do without criticism, the object of which was the “New People”. “There have already been assessments that sometimes people like to vote for something new,” said Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee Dmitry Novikov. “We had such an experience in the 90s, when we voted for a new member for the SPS party (“Union of Right Forces” received 8, 52% of votes in the State Duma elections in 1999.— “Kommersant”), and then it turned out that this party, led by Gaidar, Chubais, Khakamada, is taking the country in the wrong direction, that it is the party of the liberal defeat of Russia!” However, Mr. Novikov expressed confidence that the Russians “will figure it out in the same way,” because “our people have the ability to quickly assess who is worth what.”

LDPR leader Leonid Slutsky, who took last place in the elections, was also pleased with the voting results.

At a press conference on Monday, Mr. Slutsky spoke about the effect of consolidation around the national leader, as well as the historical significance of the event. “The President, speaking at his headquarters, revealed a secret that we, frankly speaking, did not intend to reveal so soon,” said Mr. Slutsky. “Yes, indeed, we gave a significant part of our votes to the leader of the nation.” The LDPR, the chairman is sure, “gave more,” and she herself, accordingly, “had a little less left.”

However, the difference between the three candidates “does not matter in the slightest,” Leonid Slutsky made a reservation: “Here, more than ever, the main thing is not victory, but participation!” He also said that one of the slightly more than 2.5 million votes given to him was his own: “I want to admit, I allowed myself to vote for myself… I thought that this vote, against the backdrop of the many that we gave to the leader of the nation, would be useful to me.” During the campaign, the party itself “seriously united and grew,” and also “became much closer to the people,” Mr. Slutsky added, mentioning in this regard the party survey “Tell Slutsky the Truth” and his own trips to the regions.

According to the deputy head of the LDPR faction in the State Duma, Sergei Leonov, during the campaign, the Liberal Democrats “carried out an audit, including party members” and are “already discussing issues” related to the upcoming regional elections: “This was a very important election campaign in terms of forming a program party with which we will go to the upcoming elections: every activist, coordinator, and deputy were maximally involved.”

“New People” intend to sum up the global results of the past elections only at the upcoming congress on March 29.

Nevertheless, the head of the public headquarters of candidate Vladislav Davankov, State Duma deputy Sardana Avksentyeva, in a conversation with Kommersant, has already noted the importance of the structure in the last cycle. “I am grateful to the party for its trust; leading such a project is a great responsibility,” she admitted. The information collected from citizens at support headquarters working “all over the country” formed the basis of the candidate’s program, the deputy recalled: “So Vladislav Davankov’s program is truly popular, it is a great collective work.” The formal closure of the headquarters “does not mean the cessation” of work, Ms. Avksentyeva emphasized: “On the contrary, everything is just beginning: now these initiatives will become the basis of the work that our faction and the State Duma are doing.”

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