Nineties star unrecognisable 32 years after iconic movie and quitting acting – and fans will recognise his famous sister


HE was one of the most famous faces in the nineties after landing a huge role in The Addams Family.

But three decades after starring in the spooky classic, Jimmy Workman decided to focus on work behind the camera.

Jimmy Workman looks very different from his days in The Addams Family

AlamyChristina Ricci, who played Wednesday and Jimmy, Wednesday’s brother Pugsley[/caption]

The retired actor played Pugsley Addams in both The Addams Family and Addams Family Values in 1991 when he was just 11.

Now 43, Jimmy lives in Hollywood with his young family and works in film production.

On Instagram Jimmy was pictured on the Teamsters Local 399 page alongside co-workers in 2016. In America, Teamsters are Unions representing workers.

Originally they were groups of drivers, and this particular group seem to drive trucks for the film industry.

Despite choosing to step off screen, Jimmy still has close connections to showbiz through his now more famous sister, Ariel Winter.

Ariel played geeky Alex Dunphy in hit US sitcom Modern Family from 2009 to 2020, but hit the headlines due to a massive a fall out with her family, including Jimmy.

Back in October 2012, Ariel’s sister Shanelle Workman alleged their mother, Chrisoula, had been physically and emotionally abusive toward Ariel and filed to become her legal guardian.

But in 2013 Jimmy stepped in and claimed that Shanelle was a bad influence on Ariel and tried to become her legal guardian – which he was denied.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ariel hasn’t seen her mum in years, which she said was “for the best”.

Ariel wasn’t even born when her brother starred in The Addams Family – which was based on the successful 1960’s TV show.

Jimmy played Pugsley, the oldest child of Morticia and Gomez Adams (played by Angelica Houston and Raul Julia) who has a curious habit of collecting road signs.

His murderous sister Wednesday Addams was played by Christina Ricci who is still acting to this day, but Jimmy decided to leave the profession after a few more roles, including starring with Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets.

In the sequel, Addams Family Values, the two children were sent off to a summer camp.

Their penchant for wearing black and trying to hurt other children didn’t not go down well and they ended up burning the place down.

Rex FeaturesJimmy is the older brother of Ariel Winter who starred in Modern Family[/caption]

Jimmy works in film now from behind the camera