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Nick Knowles, 61, reveals why he STILL hasn’t planned wedding to fiancee, 33

NICK Knowles, 61, has revealed the reason why he hasn’t planned his wedding to fiancée Katie Dadzie, 33, yet.

The pair looked united as they attended the Inspirational Women Awards last night.

The Mega AgencyThe couple attended the Inspirational Women Awards last night[/caption]

Have Your Say Stories/@‌thebodypositivemumNick Knowles has explained why he hadn’t planned his wedding to fiancée Katie Dadzie[/caption]

Last summer, Nick revealed his engagement to lingerie brand owner Katie.

When asked if he’s planned his wedding, Nick told The Sun: “Not yet. Still haven’t decided. Still thinking about it.

“I’ve been away too much with all the travel shows I’ve been doing. Katie’s been very busy with the company.

“And as that gets busier, the time to be able to find, to disappear for a week in the schedule gets more and more difficult.”

Last year Nick who appeared on The One Show was asked if they could potentially expect a wedding soon.

The DIY: SOS star explained his thoughts on the pair having a long engagement.

He said: “You know what, I thought it might be something that, you propose, then it might be something [like] 18 months to two years.

“It turns out it’s like pulling the pin on a hand grenade it starts to happen straight away. It’s a wonderful thing.”

Katie and Nick have been together since 2021 and met when Katie’s daughters befriended Nick’s youngest lad Eddie, eight, at a play centre.

Katie was accused of being a “gold digger” by internet trolls when the pair went public with their relationship. But Nick insisted lingerie firm boss Katie was “wealthier and more successful” than him.

Nick proposed to Katie last July whilst he was filming in the US.

Have Your Say Stories/@‌thebodypositivemumLast summer, Nick announced his engagement to lingerie brand owner Katie[/caption]

SplashKatie faced criticism online when their relationship became public, but Nick defended her[/caption]

SplashNick proposed to Katie in July while filming in the US[/caption]



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