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Newspaper readers are sexier than people seen looking at Kindles and books, study finds

NEWSPAPER readers are sexier than people seen looking at Kindles, phones, magazines or books.

A survey of 2,000 Brits found fans of papers were more likely to “catch the eye” out and about, such as on public transport or in waiting rooms, cafes and pubs.

Dating site FindingTheOne that people reading a paper looked the sexiest to onlookersLouis Wood – Commissioned by The Sun

And they said it did not matter if the reader was clutching a tabloid or a broadsheet.

Those eating or engrossed in their phones were judged least attractive.

The poll was carried out for dating site FindingTheOne.

Its expert Sylvia Linzalone said: “It turns out nothing is sexier than a well-informed mind.

“It’s great to see those who prefer the rustle of a newspaper over the scroll of a screen are topping the charts in the dating game.

“In an era where digital screens dominate our attention, there’s an allure to those who appreciate the timeless appeal of ink on paper and the art of taking things slow.

“So, to all you newspaper readers out there, keep turning the pages and turning heads while you’re at it!”

Avid newspaper reader Sarah Collins, 41, said she had “learned not to trust news from social media sources.”

The landscape gardener from Ely, Cambs, added: “I find the only reliable news is in the newspapers, and I enjoy having a newspaper in my hands rather than worrying about whether my phone is going to run out of charge or getting endless ads or links.”

“Most attractive” people were seen:

Reading a newspaper, 22 per cent;
Reading a book, 20 per cent;
Reading a Kindle, 14 per cent;
Staring into space or daydreaming, 13 per cent;
Reading a magazine, 12 per cent;
On a laptop, eight per cent;
Sleeping, five per cent;
Drinking coffee or tea. three per cent;
On their phones, two per cent;
Eating, one per cent.



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