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My ex&wife won £148m on EuroMillions – she kicked me out but I’m STILL in with a chance of getting the cash

THE estranged husband of a lottery winner who scooped £148million is still in with a chance of getting the cash, it is claimed.

Convicted fraudster Brian Deans has reportedly told pals he “hasn’t ruled out” trying to get a slice of his ex-wife Gillian Bayford’s EuroMillions fortune.

Brian Deans and lottery winner Gillian Bayford married in 2018

PA:Press AssociationGillian with her first husband Adrian after their lottery win in 2012[/caption]

The SunGillian with her daughter Emily in 2021[/caption]

That’s despite the pair having a prenup agreement.

Gillian, 51, and her first husband Adrian won the massive jackpot in 2012 before moving from Suffolk to an estate in Cambridgeshire, but split soon after.

She then tied the knot with Brian in 2018 – after moving back to her native Scotland – in a lavish fairy-tale ceremony in St Andrews, Fife.

But now they’ve split up as well. The pair share four-year-old daughter Emily.

Publican Brian, 43, told a friend: “I’m not sure how watertight it is legally and whether I can get any money.”

Michael Schofield – The Sun GlasgowBayford said she kicked Brian out this month[/caption]

Earlier this month The Sun exclusively revealed how she had “kicked out” her hubby after he squandered millions from her on cars and holidays, as well as watches and football trips.

Speaking to the Mail, his friend said he hit back, saying: “To say I’ve spent her money and used her as a cashpoint is just nonsense, it wasn’t like that at all.”

He added that he “didn’t ask for” any of the extravagant purchases, insisting they were “all gifts”, with the cars in Gillian’s name – except for the football excursions as he’s “mad” on the sport.

Brian said Gillian was happy to pay for him to go to Manchester every other weekend and follow his team abroad.

He claimed she even splashed out £40,000 on a trip to Qatar for the World Cup semi-finals and final, though he didn’t initially want to go as it was “way too much”.


Brian, who lives in Auchterarder, Perthshire, was jailed for six months in 2012 for swindling £13,500 from a Tesco store while living in Dundee.

He met Gillian in a pub and told the source she didn’t tell him about her lottery win at first, and gave her name as Sally.

At the time of their wedding in 2018, Gillian said: “Everyone has a past but you can’t live in the past. You’ve got to move on.”

Brian reportedly said: “Who knows, maybe I will have to get lawyers involved but for the time I’m just enjoying the pub and being with Emily and my friends.

“We signed the prenup before we married and we’ve signed the separation agreement and Emily spends half the week with me and the rest with Gillian but when it comes to a divorce I just don’t know what will happen, I will leave that to lawyers.”

Andrew Styczynski – The SunGillian and Adrian split just months after moving onto a lavish Cambridgeshire estate[/caption]

Getty Images – GettyThe couple share two children[/caption]



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