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My debit card was hijacked and it now only works on trains & buses – people think I’m crazy… I can’t buy milk or bread

AN angry commuter says his bank card has been “hijacked” and now only works on trains and buses.

David Pilditch’s card was sent haywire thanks to a weird technical glitch he believes was caused by a device used by Transport for London (TfL) workers.

David Pilditch says his bank card only works on London transport after a ‘glitch’Getty Images – Getty

The Barclays Bank debit card now appears to have been “reprogrammed” to only work on the city’s transport network.

TfL is adamant its tech does not have the ability to restrict cards in such a way and has advised Mr Pilditch to speak to his bank.

The 59-year-old freelance journalist was ordered to present his card to staff at New Cross Gate station in south east London, as he returned home from work last Thursday.

He says a worker instructed him to tap the card against a hand-held machine which confirmed he had paid his fare.

But on going next door to Sainsbury’s, he found his card no longer worked when he tried to make a contactless payment, and then again when he put his card in the machine.

Dad-of-two Mr Pilditch told the MailOnline: “Whenever I try to explain what has happened it sounds like I have taken leave of my senses.

“The fact is that my bank card is useless and won’t work anywhere – except on machines operated by TFL.

“I’m now in a situation where I could ride around London on tubes, trains and buses all day long and they can take payments off me but I can’t buy a pint of milk or a loaf of bread.

“I can’t make payments for anything else or even access my bank account.”

Mr Pilditch has complained to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and TfL – but says he is yet to hear back from either.

He returned to the station and tried to explain the situation to the supervisor but said he “was not in the slightest bit interested in hearing my concerns”.

That evening, he contacted his bank who he says were “unable to provide an explanation”.

Mr Pilditch tried to use the card to make a London Overground journey the following morning and said it was successful.

He claims he has also made successful trips across the capital over subsequent days – though the card continues to be rejected everywhere else.

He even says he can’t access his online banking as the card no longer works on his Barclays PINsentry card reader.

A TfL spokesperson told the Sun: “We have no ability to block or restrict cards outside of our pay as you go system and therefore the card owner should speak to their card provider about this issue.”



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