Mum guilty of murdering son, 3, after dunking him in boiling water and battering him with bamboo cane to ‘follow’ Bible


A TWISTED mum has been found guilty of murdering her son after she dunked him in scalding water and beat him with a bamboo cane.

Dwelaniyah Robinson died in agony weighing just over 2st after suffering horror abuse at the hands of Christina Robinson.

PADwelaniyah Robinson suffered horrific injuries[/caption]

PAHis mum claimed she was ‘chastising’ her toddler son[/caption]

The three-year-old had more than 70 injuries on his legs, buttocks and genitals – including infected burns.

He would have been “significantly debilitated” by the wounds, which were described as “excruciatingly painful”.

Robinson, 30, has today been convicted of murdering her son after she battered him to death with a cane.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the evil mum dished out gruesome punishments because the “Bible tells her that she should chastise her child”.

She accepted using the cane on her son – describing it as a form of “correction”.

But Robinson, who follows the Black Hebrew Israelites religion, said she had been “misguided”, having heard a religious lesson online.

The mum deliberately burned Dwelaniyah by immersing him in hot water and used the cane and spoons to hit him.

On November 5, 2022, she called 999 to report her son’s eyes had gone “all weird” and he wasn’t breathing.

When paramedics arrived, Robinson told them Dwelaniyah may have choked on a cheese sandwich he was eating.

But a post mortem later revealed a horrifying catalogue of injuries caused in the weeks before his death.

The youngster had burns covering around 15 to 20 per cent of his beaten body and had sustained a major head injury that caused damage to both his brain and eyes.

Police searching the home found blood stains on Dwelaniyah’s teddy bear and on a door frame and rug in front of his cot.

His blood and skin were also found on the bamboo cane when it was recovered from the house.

Prosecutor Richard Wright KC said Dwelaniyah had been injured for some time and would have been in agony.

He said Robinson didn’t take her son to hospital because she “knew that questions would immediately be raised” regarding the “terrible injuries”.

Mr Wright added: “She deliberately immersed him in scalding water.

“She sought no treatment for his injuries.

“She allowed him to suffer in pain over several weeks and then not once but twice she inflicted head injuries upon him by forcibly shaking him so hard she damaged his brain, and that injury in turn caused his heart to stop.”

Robinson has been remanded into custody to be sentenced at a later date.

PARobinson claimed the toddler had choked on a cheese sandwich[/caption]

She called paramedics to her home in DurhamNNP