‘Making me feel sick’ moan Celebrity Big Brother fans as they call out ‘gross’ moment in bedroom


CELEBRITY Big Brother fans were left “feeling sick” after watching a “gross” moment between Fern Britton and Louis Walsh in the bedroom last night. 

Fern, 66, offered to give Louis, 71, a massage, but viewers could stand to listen to the noises the music manager was making. 

Fern gave Louis a massage for Saint Patrick’s dayEroteme

But viewers at home said the scene made them feel sickEroteme

David looked horrified as he watched the massageEroteme/ITV

At the beginning of yesterday’s episode of CBB, the contestants celebrated Saint Patrick’s day and discussed who the most famous Irish person is, with many joking that it’s Louis

Moments later, Fern moved across the bedroom to give Louis a shoulder and back massage.

Their comments during the massage quickly became very sexually suggestive, with Ferm commenting that Louis felt very stiff before he started moaning. 

“Higher. Slower. Yeah, more,” Louis moans suggestively. 

“Oh, it’s just lovely. It’s what I needed,” he adds.

The other contestants laughed along and mocked the noises Louis was making during his massage, but viewers were disgusted by what they were hearing. 

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, one commented: “Louis is making me feel ill getting that massage.”

“Watching Louis getting that massage from Fern was so uncomfortable,” agreed another.”

A third used the photo of David looking horrified the make their point, writing: 

“Louis: *moaning during the massage*.

“The UK: [David’s horrified face].”

Another viewer agreed, saying watching the scene made them feel physically sick. 
“Omg Louis is making me feel sick when Fern gave him that massage,” they said alongside a gif of Phoebe from Friends acting as though she’s about to throw-up. 

“Louis making those sounds during a massage is [sick emoji],” a fifth viewer added. 

Happily for viewers, the massage didn’t last long, as Fern soon got distracted laughing at Louis’ comments. 

Who is left in CBB and who has been eliminated?

Another eviction tonight with shake up the CBB House.


Louis Walsh  (Former X Factor judge)
Fern Britton (Television presenter)
Bradley Riches (Heartstopper actor)
David Potts (Ibiza Weekender)
Marisha Wallace (Musical star)
Zeze Millz (Media personality)
Colson Smith (Coronation Street actor)
Nikita Kuzmin (Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer)


Gary Goldsmith (Kate Middleton’s uncle)
Lauren Simon (Real Housewife of Cheshire star)
Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu (Love Island winner)
Levi Roots (Reggae musician)
Sharon Osbourne  (Former X Factor judge)

Louis escaped elimination last night

It seems Fern and Louis bonding earlier was all for show because later in the episode, Fern turned on Louis when she was given the opportunity to nominate one housemate for eviction. 

The This Morning star was told: “Fern, you’ve just found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That means you’ve been granted one wish, the biggest wish of all.

“You must choose one housemate to be evicted. St Patrick famously banished the snakes from Ireland, and now, by finding the pot of gold, you have been selected to banish a housemate.”

 She unflinchingly chose the former X-Factor judge, but in a plot twist orchestrated by Big Brother, Louis was instead granted immunity from eviction, meaning he now has a guaranteed place in the final.

Fern then found herself up for eviction alongside Zeze Millz, Marisha Wallace and Nikita Kuzmin instead. 

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight on ITV1 at 9pm.