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Love Island’s Katie Salmon selling off old PVC gear and sexy outfits for £5 after finding God and quitting OnlyFans

LOVE Island star Katie Salmon is flogging her PVC gear and sexy outfits after finding God and quitting OnlyFans.

Last year Katie revealed that she had turned to religion after stints as a glamour model and reality TV fame.

Katie Salmon is flogging some of her glam outfits after finding God

InstagramThe Love Island star quit OnlyFans after finding religion[/caption]

The reality star, 28, told fans that she is selling some of her glamorous items on the online site Vinted.

She’s listed a number of garments, including a gold mini dress, a leopard print jumpsuit and a burgundy see-through dressing gown.

Katie sold a sporty purple bodysuit and Little Red Riding Hood PVC costume – with some of the items going for as little £5.

After Love Island, Katie travelled the world, making money from glamour shoots before returning to the UK.

She is now a member of The Apostolic Church, a Christian denomination founded in Wales at the beginning of the 19th century and has been largely adopted in Nigeria.

The reality star celebrated her ‘Christian sacrament of initiation’ in a post on Instagram, and shared photos from her career and newfound lifestyle.

In a lengthy caption in October, Katie explained that she had been at “breaking point” before she found God and decided to quit OnlyFans.

The star said: “3 months since I was baptised…

“From being at breaking point in my life to finding hope and peace in the storm I won’t stop speaking his name or what he’s done with my life.

“God is my saviour and in a world that’s dark, covered with evil people and pain I want every soul to know theirs a way out, Wether you understand it or not.

“Theirs hope and glory in his name. I want to make clear this isn’t a post or trend to say how God stopped me dressing provocatively, exposing my body online or covering my face in makeup.

“He didn’t stop me doing anything, he simply loved me just for who I am and made me look at myself the way he looks at me.”

She added: “Everything has changed inside and around me so my posts may have changed.

“My look, my bank balance and my clothing BUT I am more me than ever before.”

Her followers were stunned by her transformation and one said: “STOPPPP!!! I’ve always loved you & had a soft spot for you!! Oh my goodness seeiv. This odor has brought a tear to my eyes! I’m so happy for you. you deserve this!”

Another said: “Amen!! I’m so so so proud of you and happy for you.”

Last year her daughter Thiaga was born prematurely and Katie suffered from depression following the birth.

Breaking down in tears, Katie revealed how her daughter spent the first few days of her life in intensive care.

On top of that, Thiaga was born with a haemangioma tumour, which grew rapidly during the first few months of her life – ending up the size of a fist on the side of her face.

While the tumour was not life threatening or painful, the situation put a huge amount of stress on the star and her fiancé Harry.

An incredibly emotional told The Sun: “The truth is I have been dealing with the severe baby blues and I can only say that being a mother has been one of the hardest challenges I have ever had to face in my life.

“It grew exceptionally large from the time she was three weeks old to the size of a fist on the side of her face. It was affecting her eyesight because she couldn’t really see out of one eye.”

InstagramKatie made money from glamour shoots before returning to the UK[/caption]

InstagramThe model explained that she had been at ‘breaking point’ before she found God[/caption]



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