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Love Island star forced to make huge change to stand&up routine over sick McDonald’s joke

LOVE Island’s Iain Stirling has made a huge change to his stand-up routine after offending early audiences with a sick joke.

The comedian, who is also the voiceover on the ITV dating show in the UK and USA, begins his nationwide tour tomorrow night.

Andrew Barr – The Sun GlasgowIain Stirling was forced to make changes to his comedy routine after a rude McDonald’s joke[/caption]

Love Island has been sponsored by fast food delivery firm Just Eat for the past four yearsRex

AlamyThe service is a delivery partner for McDonald’s[/caption]

However, Iain, 36, has been forced to cut one shocking gag over “scum” customers of McDonalds, who he branded “animals” who “should have been wiped out by Covid”.

Iain first began testing material out for his new RELEVANT tour in February last year and at one gig in Wandsworth, he made the small audience gasp.

The joke went: “The thing I missed the most about getting in shape is I can no longer go to McDonald’s because McDonald’s is my favourite place in the entire world.

“It’s so good and it is so good for your self-esteem.

“If you’re feeling bad about yourself, just look at a family in a McDonald’s.

“Like every time you walk into McDonald’s, you open the door and go ‘Well I am better than all of you.’

“Everyone in McDonalds is scum – even though I’m there for the same f*cking reason as the scum – they’re scumbags, animals. Animals in the McDonalds.

“These people, I don’t say this lightly, but these people should have been wiped out by Covid, right?

“The people who get to the front of the queue at McDonald’s and then they decide to start .. looking at the menu!”

Last week, Iain held another warm-up gig before his opening night in Northampton, and the McDonalds joke had been transformed – with the dark Covid line removed.

Speaking at the concert on March 13 in Kennington, London, the joke now went: “What a place to go. You feel like an absolute champion.

“You have never felt more achieving and attractive in your life than when you step into your local McDonalds and observe the horrific people that are in front of you.

“Don’t lie to me London, everyone in this room at some point in their life has walked into a McDonalds and gone, ‘Right, well, I’m better than all of these people.’

“We’ve all thought it, look at them, scum… The joke there is that I’m also in McDonalds, there is an irony.”

After hitting the big time as the voice of Love Island, Iain has written and starred in his own comedy, Buffering, and he also hosts a true crime podcast alongside wife Laura Whitmore.

For four years, Love Island has been sponsored by fast food delivery firm Just Eat – which is the delivery partner for McDonalds.

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AlamyHe seemed to insult customers of the fast food delivery chain[/caption]

RexThe star held a warm up gig when the jibe was cut out[/caption]

GettyIain also hosts a true crime podcast alongside wife Laura Whitmore.[/caption]



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