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Louis Walsh furious as he’s reunited with X Factor star – as CBB housemates get visits from family

LOUIS Walsh got the hump on last night’s Celebrity Big Brother when he was reunited with an X Factor favourite.

The remaining housemates were treated to visits from family and friends, though Louis’ surprise left him scratching his head.

Sinitta surprised Louis Walsh in the CBB houseEroteme

RexShe told Louis he wasn’t being very nice[/caption]

He was joined by Simon Cowell‘s best pal Sinitta, and the meeting was far from a love in.

Ahead of the reunion, Big Brother told the gathered housemates: “This is Big Brother. Housemates, your time in the Celebrity Big Brother house has nearly come to an end.

“The past three weeks have seen you jockey for position in horse racing, enforce law and order at Big Brother’s police department, have your day in court and face a fairytale ending.

“But now it’s time for you to receive the ultimate reward. Big Brother will call one Housemate at a time to make their way to the rendezvous.”

Upon entering the CCTV compound Sinitta immediately delivered some “home truths”.

She said: “First of all, you cannot pick up a broom, a dishcloth, nothing, a mop?

Pulling no punches, she continued: “You are not nice! I need to tell you a few home truths quickly, baby, because do you know when I first met you, you said it was always good to be nice, and Louis everybody in the house is nice except you.”

He innocently said: “I’m just me.”

Sinitta replied: “I mean, Louis, you’re hilarious but you are not nice.

“You are you, you are you. But even when you were king, you wanted to get rid of your queen. Who are you? King Henry VIII?”

Turning more gentle, she added: “You could win this!”

Louis replied: “I don’t care if I win this!”

She responded: “I know, but bizarrely I really think you could… I have laughed so much looking at you and I keep saying to everyone that is Louis.”

Viewers thought the whole exchange was hilarious.

One posted on X: “Louis saying he hasn’t seen Sinitta in years but ‘she was probably available’ for his rendezvous. I can’t, I just can’t.”

Another said: “And Louis is still at it! Why did they send Sinitta?”

A third wrote: “When Sinitta comes in to see Louis but Promotes her merch at the same time.”

A fourth said: “Not Sinitta coming in and just having a go at Louis Walsh for being evil and lazy ahahaha iconic behaviour.”

Earlier in the series Sinitta’s name graced the lips of Louis and Sharon Osbourne.

Sharon suggested Simon Cowell “doesn’t know how to keep friends” and suggested the name: “Sinitta.”

Louis quickly replied: “I like her, she’s mad but she’s very loyal to him.”

Sharon interjected: “Oh dedicated her life to him,” before Louis added: “I like her, if you know what I mean.

“There’s something. Harmless.”

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Louis wasn’t quite sure why Sinitta was his guestEroteme



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