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Today: May 30, 2024
4 weeks ago

Liverpool vs Tottenham live match

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This Sunday, May 5, 2024 at 11:30 (Miami) will face Liverpool vs Tottenham at Anfield Stadium. The match is valid for Premier League Day 36.

Liverpool face next match with determination after a draw against West Ham. This season, the home team has won 22 of the 35 games played, scoring 77 goals and receiving 36 against. In their home games, Liverpool have scored 13 victories, one defeat and three draws in 17 matches, proving to be a formidable team in their stadium.

Tottenham Hotspur arrives in the next game in need of a victory after their 3-2 defeat against Arsenal. In this Premier League season, the team has won 18 of the 34 games played, scoring 67 goals and receiving 54 against. Outside the home side, Tottenham Hotspur have recorded six wins, five defeats and six draws in 17 games, suggesting they will face a considerable challenge against Liverpool and will have to show seriousness to secure victory.