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Lionel Messi’s bodyguard ‘appears out of thin air’ in optical illusion that’s freaking everyone out

Lionel Messi’s bodyguard, Yassine Chueko, has confused everyone by ‘appearing out of thin air’ in a new video.

Chueko has become a celebrity in his own right after being personally selected to protect Messi by Inter Miami owner David Beckham.

The former MMA fighter and Navy seal isn’t far behind Messi at the DRV PNK Stadium or off the pitch.

He’s taken it one step further in a new video. Chueko is now a full-blown ninja. Check it out below.

In the clip, Messi arrives at a school to meet eager youngsters who’d been waiting to see him.

As the 36-year-old approaches, he’s alone. Within seconds, Chueko manages to be directly behind him despite not being in the view of the camera at all.

Chueko then made sure all the children lined up in an orderly manner to have their picture taken with Messi.

You can’t accuse him of not taking his job seriously at least.

Messi alongside Chueko at an Inter Miami game. (Image Credit: Getty)
Messi alongside Chueko at an Inter Miami game. (Image Credit: Getty)

Chueko has protected Messi from several pitch invaders since he moved to the United States over the summer.

He’s served in Iraq and Afghanistan and also boasts a win in his first professional MMA fight in Thailand.

Despite being the most popular member of Messi’s entourage, Chueko isn’t the only one with the responsibilities of looking after the eight-time Ballon d’Or winner.

A team of 50 people protect Messi and his family around the clock as they settle into their new life in Miami.

Messi has a huge team to protect him in Miami. (Image Credit: Getty)
Messi has a huge team to protect him in Miami. (Image Credit: Getty)

He told reporters back in August per Sports Illustrated: “People in this city and this club have made it easy for us.

“The fans, the people that I meet every day on the streets in the city where we are now… it’s a spectacular city, and that’s why I can live with happiness.

“We are in that adaptation period, the kids are going to school soon, and that will help to get to the end of that adjustment, and get used to daily life.

“It’s only a small period to complete the adaptation, but it’s been much easier than we thought.”

Messi has scored 11 goals in 14 appearances for The Herons, although that wasn’t enough to help them qualify for the play-offs.

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