Levi Roots reveals his five&word warning to Ekin&Su after accusing Celeb Big Brother stars of ‘bullying’ her


EVICTED Celebrity Big Brother housemate Levi Roots has revealed the words of wisdom he gave Ekin-Su Culculoglu after her exit from the show.

Love Island legend Ekin came under fire from her co-stars and viewers during her eventful tenure in the house.

RexLevi Roots felt protective of Ekin-Su on CBB[/caption]

RexEkin-Su claimed she was edited badly on the show[/caption]

She clashed with the likes of Colson Smith and Zeze Millz over her reality show past, while she and Fern Britton didn’t see eye to eye.

Then there was a huge row with her former pal, stage Marisha Wallace, who selected her in the face to face nominations.

After her exit Ekin-Su blamed the edit for portraying her negatively, but it didn’t wash with Late & Live guest Layton Williams who effectively told her to drop the excuses.

Now Levi has spoken in defence of Ekin and revealed why he looked out for her.

He told the Star: “I took Ekin-Su under my wing, I told her she was like a daughter to me.

“I had to protect her in certain ways by having certain conversations with her so she didn’t feel alone, because she felt like she was isolated in some kind of way.”

When they were reunited following their double eviction, Levi did his best to boost her spirits.

He said: “When we came out I was telling her that ‘it was going to be fine. Just be you!”

He added: “Or be a new you.” 

Levi admitted that he’s rooting for Louis Walsh to win – despite him being this year’s most controversial housemate.

The Dragons’ Den star said he’s fed up of “liars” and branded Louis’ honesty “refreshing”.

He said: “Deservedly, I’m rooting for Louis.

“When somebody can be themselves totally and be truthful in every single way, including if it puts someone nose out of joint.

“In this world when people play games and lie to others and not show their true feelings, it’s refreshing when you meet somebody who tells you as it is. We’re always crying out that for people to be honest, including politicians, we blame them for telling lies.

“So when we meet somebody who tells it how it is, why should we vilify them.”

Louis was previously labelled the ‘most evil’ housemate in a recent challenge as well as the ‘laziest’ housemate for not helping out with the washing and cleaning up.

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RexLevi is rooting for Louis Walsh to win[/caption]