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Kirill Nabutov recognized as a foreign agent & MK

The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on Friday, March 22, published an updated list of individuals and legal entities recognized as foreign agents. It includes two people and three organizations.

Journalist Kirill Nabutov is recognized as a foreign agent because he opposed the special military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine and spread fakes about the decisions and policies of the Russian authorities.

Also included in the register of foreign agents was the publicist Alexander Skobov, the project “Laboratory of Public Sociology”, “Smola”, the project “T-invariant”.

The current list of foreign agents is published on the official website of the Russian Ministry of Justice.

Earlier, actor Semyon Treskunov, recognized as a foreign agent, reacted very emotionally to the corresponding decision of the Ministry of Justice. The actor who fled to Spain complained that his new status cut him off from incomeprofessional circle and opportunities for self-realization.

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