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Khatylev said whether “Pantsiri” will help cover the oil refinery

“We need a system of reconnaissance, warning, communication”

After a series of Ukrainian drone attacks on Russian oil refineries, people started talking about the need to cover them. In particular, the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun systems, which will cover the refinery, are called as a panacea. How effective this measure will be was told to MK by the former head of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the special forces command (Moscow Air Defense District) Sergei Khatylev.

“I noticed,” says Khatylev, that when they talk about air defense, they always forget a lot. Now they are talking about the Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun system. This is a vehicle with an eight-ton platform with a locator, automatic cannons and an anti-aircraft missile launcher. There is an infrared locator, an optical detector, a millimeter-wave radar and a centimeter-wave reconnaissance radar.

Today “Shell” is only available as part of the Aerospace Forces. Their main purpose is to cover large anti-aircraft systems – S-300, S-400. If, for example, the S-400 is reloading, then the covering “Pantsirs” can conduct air combat at low altitudes and short range instead. “Pantsiri” cover columns of equipment, because it is practically the only air defense system capable of firing on the move. The modified Pantsir with increased ammunition is already moving into the category of medium-range complexes.

That is, it is certainly a powerful air defense weapon. But there is one point. Those who call for Pantsirs to be used to protect oil refineries (as a rule, these are not air defense specialists) for some reason cannot understand that what is needed is not just an air defense system, but a reconnaissance, control, and communications system… The Pantsir itself is can only shoot.

But he needs to be given target designation so that he turns on at the right moment, detects the target at the maximum possible range for him, and does not “shine” unnecessarily on the air. That is, he completed the shooting strictly during the so-called working time. This is the time from the moment the transmitter is turned on to the antenna until the target is acquired for automatic tracking. This characteristic is different for different complexes. I won’t reveal it. Let me just say that seconds count!

If the anti-aircraft complex exceeds this time, that’s it, it is detected by the enemy’s reconnaissance station, and an instant strike is prepared against it. Either jamming will occur, or an anti-radar missile will fly. And then that’s it, this “Shell” ended. This is not a panacea.

– Which exit?

– I repeat: we need a reconnaissance system that provides a 360-degree overview of the air situation. Second, we need notification of long-range air targets that fly 300-500 kilometers away. So that the crew can prepare, so that they know: from such and such a direction, at such and such a height, at such and such a speed, an air target is flying that can fly to the covered object.

Further. All this must be provided by closed communications: either secret telegraph and telephone communication channels, or tropospheric communications, or broadband stations, space communications, etc.

The next point is combat work itself. First, he fired, fired a volley, and immediately moved. And you need to understand where, that is, reserve positions must be prepared in advance. This is not done out of the blue; there must be a plan, a statement of the task.

And all this is included in the air defense system – control, detection, communication… One “Pantsir” without such a system will do little. He shot – and that was it, his life ended. This is a single weapon that may or may not complete the task – it will either be interfered with, or a missile will be launched, or saboteurs will be sent.

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